The FCCat award-winning poster for Davide Lorito
  • IRCELYON partner of the H2020 NMBP program “PRODIA”

    PROduction, control and Demonstration of structured hybrid nanoporous materials for Industrial adsorption Applications

    ProDIA  aims to accelerate the industrialisation  of hybrid nanoporous materials in Europe. This collaborative programm will focus on the development of reliable  production methods of nanoporous powders including activation and shaping processes. Main objectives are :

    • To develop production technologies and methods, including shaping, for MOFs and aluminosilicates, which are price competitive (10-100 €/kg).
    • To set-up production facilities in Europe for the production of a variety of NPMs with chemical and mechanical stabilities and with safety requirements which allow them to be sold, distributed and used in the industry.
    • To demonstrate the industrial relevance of NPMs in gas storage, air purification, heat pumps and health care applications.
  • A PhD student from IRCELYON wins a poster prize at the NGCS11,

    Anaelle Paredes-Nunez, for her work unraveling the nature of the most active sites for CO hydrogenation using a combination of kinetics and operando spectroscopies.

    The triennial Natural Gas Conversion Symposium bringing together the world's leaders in natural gas conversion to share information on the latest trends in research and technology development in these fields. This year event was held in Tromso, Norway.

    A. Paredes-Nunez, D. Lorito, L. Burel, N. Guilhaume, Y. Schuurman, F. C. Meunier

  • Environnement : C. George et P. Vernoux proposent des réponses pour demain

  • The Pyro2016 award-winning poster for Alexandre Margeriat, PhD student

    Title : Catalytic Conversion of Pyrolytic Vapors of Woody Biomass

    Authors : Alexandre MARGERIAT, NolvenGUILHAUME, Claude MIRODATOS, Christophe GEANTET, Dorothée LAURENTI, Yves SCHUURMAN

    Speaker : Alexandre MARGERIAT

  • L'entreprise Activation, lauréate du prix du service à l'industrie

    Incubée à l'Ircelyon dès 2003, Activation mise sur le chimie écolo...

    En mars 2015 déjà, Activation obtient le label Novacité décerné par la CCI de Lyon et le Centre Européen d'Entreprise et d'Innovation.

    En mai 2016, c'est le Gevil, Groupement d'entreprises de Villeurbanne, qui lui décerne le  prix du service à l'industrie.

    En savoir + sur Activation

    Lire l'article du Progrès du 25 mai 2015 : 

  • 2 PhD of Ircelyon win the prize of FCCat for their posters

    Davide LORITO et Jihene SOUFI


    The French Conference on Catalysis (FCCat) was an opportunity for the French and the International Catalysis community to share most advanced results in a friendly spirit. Contributions dealing with homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, ranging from reaction mechanism to catalytic process design, were discussed between academia and industry participants.

    Determination of formate decomposition rates and relation to product formation during CO hydrogenation over supported cobalt,

    Catalytic combustion of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) over zeolite type catalysts : effect of Si/Al ratio and structure, 

  • David Farrusseng wins the 2016 International Catalysis Award.

    David Farrusseng, from France, is the recipient of the 2016 International Catalysis Award, for his contribution in the field of catalysis.

    His research activities deal with the design of materials for catalytic & separation processes. He has developed novel methodologies for the rational design of catalytic site based on kinetic and statistic descriptors. He has also pioneered the design and application of MOFs to acid/base catalysis. Lately, he has developed breakthrough concepts in the synthesis of stable bimetallic nanoparticles of controlled size and composition which exhibit outstanding catalytic selectivity. He is author of more than 130 peer- review papers and 17 patents, one being commercially exploited. More info on his own page .

    IACS decision

  • µ-Nitrido diiron... complexes: remarkable catalysts for several challenging reactions

    Review of P. Afanasiev and A. B. Sorokin published in Accounts of Chemical Research


    New approach in catalysis is proposed in IRCELYON. µ-Nitrido diiron phthalocyanine and porphyrin complexes are remarkable catalysts for several challenging reactions. These bio-inspired complexes feature particular structural, electronic and especially catalytic properties. They can be used for the oxidation of methane, ethane and benzene, as well as for the C-C bond forming and oxidative dehalogenation of C-Cl and C-F bonds. Mechanistic background of this approach and unusual catalytic properties of µ-nitrido diiron species are described in the recent review. Due to accessibility and structural flexibility of their structure in terms of ligands, metals and bridging group, these complexes have a great potential for further development at fundamental and industrial level. Link to review

  • La physico-chimie des nuages racontée par une Ircelyonnaise dans Science

    Malgré leur importance pour la vie sur Terre et le climat, la formation des nuages dans l’atmosphère reste impossible à prédire à l’heure actuelle. L’implication de composés chimiques dans ces processus, en particulier de surfactants favorisant la transformation des aérosols atmosphériques en gouttes de nuage, est restée longtemps controversée. Un tournant vient d’être franchi dans ce domaine avec deux articles publiés dans le magazine Science du 25 Mars 2016 : l’un (Ruehl et al., p. 1447) apporte des preuves du rôle de ces composés sur la formation des gouttes de nuages en laboratoire. L’autre (p. 1396) est un résumé et une analyse de ce domaine de recherche par B. Nozière d’IRCELYON.

    Lire l'entretien avec Barbara Nozière

  • Des textiles lumineux... en lumière

    Reportage réalisé par CNRS le Journal et publié dans Le Monde Sciences

    Site du CNRS Le Journal


    Site du Monde Science :


    Article sur le site web de la Dépêche : Un textile intelligent pour dépolluer les habitats


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