Recent scientifc publications

Scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals.

The 2005 and 2006 scientific publications are issued of IRC and LACE research work.

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    Houache M., Cossar E., Ntais S., Baranova E.

    Electrochemical modification of nickel surfaces for efficient glycerol electrooxidation

    Journal of power sources, 2018, 375, pp. 310-319

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    Wang Z., Fongarland P., Lu G., Zhan W., Essayem N.

    Effect of hydration on the surface basicity and catalytic activity of Mg-rare earth mixed oxides for aldol condensation

    Journal of rare earths, 2018, 36, pp. 359-366

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    Afanasiev P.

    Synthesis of BaW2O7-ethylene glycol inorganic-organic hybrid and its topochemical transformation to thin WS2 nanoplates

    Journal of solid state chemistry, 2018, 258, pp. 656-663

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    Kuznetsov N., Chesnokov N., Garyntseva N., Sudakova I., Pestunov A., Djakovitch L., Pinel C.

    Kinetic Study and Optimization of Catalytic Peroxide Delignification of Aspen Wood

    Kinetics and catalysis, 2018, 59, pp. 48 - 57

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    Wisser F., Eckhardt K., Nickel W., Boehlmann W., Kaskel S., Grothe J.

    Highly transparent metal electrodes via direct printing processes

    Materials research bulletin, 2018, 98, pp. 231-234

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    Xu Y., Yan X., Fang W., Daniele S., Zhang J., Wang L.

    SERS self-monitoring of Ag-catalyzed reaction by magnetically separable mesoporous Fe3O4@Ag@mSiO(2)

    Microporous and mesoporous materials, 2018, 263, pp. 113-119

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    Pagis C., Vennerie A., Prates A., Bats N., Tuel A., Farrusseng D.

    Hollow polycrystalline Y zeolite shells obtained from selective desilication of Beta-Y core-shell composites

    Microporous and mesoporous materials, 2018, 265, pp. 123-131

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    Khabzina Y., Farrusseng D.

    Unravelling ammonia adsorption mechanisms of adsorbents in humid conditions

    Microporous and mesoporous materials, 2018, 265, pp. 143-148

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    Buniazet Z., Lorentz C., Cabiac A., Maury S., Loridant S.

    Supported oxides catalysts for the dehydration of isobutanol into butenes: Relationships between acidic and catalytic properties

    Molecular catalysis, 2018, 451, pp. 143-152

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    Karame I., Zaher S., Eid N., Christ L.

    New zinc/tetradentate N-4 ligand complexes: Efficient catalysts for solvent- free preparation of cyclic carbonates by CO2/epoxide coupling

    Molecular catalysis, 2018, 456, pp. 87-95

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    Brueggemann M., Hayeck N., George C.

    Interfacial photochemistry at the ocean surface is a global source of organic vapors and aerosols

    Nature communications, 2018, 9, p.

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    Bruggemann M., Hayeck N., George C.

    Interfacial photochemistry at the ocean surface is a global source of organic vapors and aerosols (vol 9, 2101, 2018)

    Nature communications, 2018, 9, p.

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    Mendez F., Piccolo L., Solano R., Aouine M., Villasana Y., Guerra J., Curbelo S., Olivera-fuentes C., Brito J.

    Promoting effect of ceria on the performance of NiPd/CeO2-Al2O3 catalysts for the selective hydrogenation of 1,3-butadiene in the presence of 1-butene

    New journal of chemistry, 2018, 42, pp. 11165-11173

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    Aviziotis I., Duguet T., Soussi K., Heggen M., Lafont M., Morfin F., Mishra S., Daniele S., Boudouvis A., Vahlas C.

    Chemical Vapor Deposition of Al13Fe4 Highly Selective Catalytic Films for the Semi-Hydrogenation of Acetylene

    Physica status solidi a-applications and materials science, 2018, 215, p.

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    Nhat tai nguyen ?., Nelayah J., Alloyeau D., Wang G., Piccolo L., Afanasiev P., Ricolleau C.

    Thermodynamics of faceted palladium(-gold) nanoparticles supported on rutile titania nanorods studied using transmission electron microscopy

    Physical chemistry chemical physics, 2018, 20, pp. 13030-13037

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    Noziere B., Fache F., Maxut A., Fenet B., Baudouin A., Fine L., Ferronato C.

    The hydrolysis of epoxides catalyzed by inorganic ammonium salts in water: kinetic evidence for hydrogen bond catalysis

    Physical chemistry chemical physics, 2018, 20, pp. 1583-1590

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    Soussi K., Mishra S., Jeanneau E., Mantoux A., Daniele S.

    Synthesis, characterization and thermal transport properties of heteroleptic N-alkyl triazenide complexes of titanium(IV) and niobium(V)

    Polyhedron, 2018, 152, pp. 84-89

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    Elsellami L., Dappozze F., Fessi N., Houas A., Guillard C.

    Highly photocatalytic activity of nanocrystalline TiO2 (anatase, rutile) powders prepared from TiCl4 by sol-gel method in aqueous solutions

    Process safety and environmental protection, 2018, 113, pp. 109-121

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    Lacerda C., Barrios A., Sousa R., Franca T., Souza R., Gonzalez W., Essayem N., Lachter E.

    Influence of the support on the catalytic properties of Keggin type heteropolyacids supported on niobia according to two different methodologies: evaluation of isopropanol dehydration and Friedel-Crafts alkylation reaction

    Reaction kinetics mechanisms and catalysis, 2018, 124, pp. 317-334

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    Jiang M., Zhang Q., Ji Y., Kong D., Lu J., Yin X., Zhou Q., Ferronato C., Chovelon J.

    Transformation of antimicrobial agent sulfamethazine by peroxymonosulfate: Radical vs. nonradical mechanisms

    Science of the total environment, 2018, 636, pp. 864-871

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    Bouchet M., Martin J., Oumahi C., Gorbatchev O., Afanasiev P., Geantet C., Iovine R., Thiebaut B., Heau C.

    Booster effect of fatty amine on friction reduction performance of Mo-based additives

    Tribology international, 2018, 119, pp. 600-607

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    Petiot E., Proust A., Traversier A., Durous L., Dappozze F., Gras M., Guillard C., Balloul J., Rosa-calatrava M.

    Influenza viruses production: Evaluation of a novel avian cell line DuckCelt (R)-T17

    Vaccine, 2018, 36, pp. 3101-3111

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    Ji Y., Yang Y., Zhou L., Wang L., Lu J., Ferronato C., Chovelon J.

    Photodegradation of sulfasalazine and its human metabolites in water by UV and UV/peroxydisulfate processes

    Water research, 2018, 133, pp. 299-309

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    Kuznetsov B., Sudakova I., Garyntseva N., Levdansky V., Ivanchenko N., Pestunov A., Djakovitch L., Pinel C.

    Green biorefinery of larch wood biomass to obtain the bioactive compounds, functional polymers and nanoporous materials

    Wood science and technology, 2018, 52, pp. 1377-1394

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    Woolfolk L., Geantet C.., Massin L., Laurenti D., De Los Reyes J.

    Solvent effect over the promoter addition for a supported NiWS hydrotreating catalyst

    Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2017, 201, pp. 331-338