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Scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals.

The 2005 and 2006 scientific publications are issued of IRC and LACE research work.

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    Kuznetsov B., Sudakova I., Garyntseva N., Levdansky V., Ivanchenko N., Pestunov A., Djakovitch L., Pinel C.

    Green biorefinery of larch wood biomass to obtain the bioactive compounds, functional polymers and nanoporous materials

    Wood science and technology, 2018, 52, pp. 1377-1394

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    Kuznetsov B. N., Kuznetsova S. A., Levdansky V. A., Levdansky A. V., Vasil'Eva N. Y., Chesnokov N. V., Ivanchenko N. M., Djakovitch L., Pinel C.

    Optimized methods for obtaining cellulose and cellulose sulfates from birch wood

    Wood Science and Technology, 2015, 49, pp. 825-843

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    Boundary lubrication: Influence of the size and structure of inorganic fullerene-like MoS2 nanoparticles on friction and wear reduction

    Wear, 2014, 320, pp. 161-178

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    Auroux A.,Shen Jianyi,Bennici S.,Cai J.,

    Study of Phenol and Nicotine Adsorption on Nitrogen-Modified Mesoporous Carbons

    Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, 2014, 225, p.

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    Ji Y., Lu J., Wang L., Jiang M., Yang Y., Yang P., Zhou L., Ferronato C., Chovelon J.

    Non-activated peroxymonosulfate oxidation of sulfonamide antibiotics in water: Kinetics, mechanisms, and implications for water treatment

    Water research, 2018, 147, pp. 82-90

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    Ji Y., Yang Y., Zhou L., Wang L., Lu J., Ferronato C., Chovelon J.

    Photodegradation of sulfasalazine and its human metabolites in water by UV and UV/peroxydisulfate processes

    Water research, 2018, 133, pp. 299-309

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    Zhou L, Sleiman M, Ferronato C, Chovelon J, De sainte-claire P, Richard C

    Sulfate radical induced degradation of beta 2-adrenoceptor agonists salbutamol and terbutaline: Phenoxyl radical dependent mechanisms

    Water research, 2017, 123, pp. 715-723

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    Ji Y, Wang L, Jiang M, Lu J, Ferronato C, Chovelon J

    The role of nitrite in sulfate radical-based degradation of phenolic compounds: An unexpected nitration process relevant to groundwater remediation by in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO)

    Water research, 2017, 123, pp. 249-257

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    Pigeot-Remy S., Simonet F., Atlan D., Lazzaroni J.C., Guillard C.

    Bactericidal efficiency and mode of action: A comparative study of photochemistry and photocatalysis

    Water Research, 2012, 46, pp. 3208-3218

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    Chiriac R., Morais J.D., Carre J., Bayard R., Chovelon J.M., Gourdon R.

    Study of the VOC emissions from a municipal solid waste storage pilot-scale cell: Comparison with biogases from municipal waste landfill site

    Waste Management, 2011, 31, pp. 2294-2301

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    Bondarchuk I. S., Kurzina I.A., Neudachina V. S., Cadete Santos Aires F. J.

    Features of structural-phase state of Pd-Ag nanoparticles supported on silica gel.

    Vestnik Тomskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. Khimiya, 2015, pp. 46-57

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    Petiot E., Proust A., Traversier A., Durous L., Dappozze F., Gras M., Guillard C., Balloul J., Rosa-calatrava M.

    Influenza viruses production: Evaluation of a novel avian cell line DuckCelt (R)-T17

    Vaccine, 2018, 36, pp. 3101-3111

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    Njiwa P., Hadj-aissa A., Afanasiev P., Geantet C., Bosselet F., Vacher B., Belin M., Le mogne T., Dassenoy F.

    Tribological Properties of New MoS2 Nanoparticles Prepared by Seed-Assisted Solution Technique

    Tribology letters, 2014, 55, pp. 473-481

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    Bouchet M., Martin J., Oumahi C., Gorbatchev O., Afanasiev P., Geantet C., Iovine R., Thiebaut B., Heau C.

    Booster effect of fatty amine on friction reduction performance of Mo-based additives

    Tribology international, 2018, 119, pp. 600-607

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    Ferdi F., Caps V., Tuel A.

    Optimisation of the size of gold nanoparticles in mesoporous silicas and their corresponding carbon replicas: application to the liquid phase aerobic oxidation of cyclohexene

    Topics in Chemistry and Material Science, 2012, 6, pp. 154-165

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    Petaud G., Gil S., Fendler A.

    Cu SAPO 34 One Pot Hydrothermal Preparation Method for Particular Copper Configuration

    Topics in catalysis, 2019, 62, pp. 63-71

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    Campisi S., Bennici S., Auroux A., Carniti P., Gervasini A.

    A Rational Revisiting of Niobium Oxophosphate Catalysts for Carbohydrate Biomass Reactions

    Topics in catalysis, 2018, 61, pp. 1939-1948

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    Granger P., Reneme Y., Dhainaut F., Schuurman Y., Mirodatos C.

    NO Adsorption and Reaction on Aged Pd-Rh Natural Gas Vehicle Catalysts: A Combined TAP and Steady-State Kinetic Approach

    Topics in Catalysis, 2017, 60, pp. 289-294

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    Duran-martin D, Lopez granados M, Fierro J, Pinel C, Mariscal R

    Deactivation of CuZn Catalysts Used in Glycerol Hydrogenolysis to Obtain 1,2-Propanediol

    Topics in catalysis, 2017, 60, pp. 1062-1071

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    Tavizon-Pozos J. A., Suarez-Toriello V. A., De Los Reyes J. A., Guevara-Lara A., Pawelec B., Fierro J. L. G., Vrinat M., Geantet C.

    Deep Hydrodesulfurization of Dibenzothiophenes Over NiW Sulfide Catalysts Supported on Sol-Gel Titania-Alumina

    Topics in Catalysis, 2016, p.

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    Lopez-Gonzalez D., Couble J., Aouine M., Tomassini M., Mascunan P., Diez-Ramirez J., Klotz M., Tardivat C., Vernoux P.

    Effect of the reduction step on the catalytic performance of Pd–CeMO2 based catalysts (M 5 Gd, Zr) for propane combustion

    Topics in Catalysis, 2016, 59, p. 1638–1650

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    Trevisanut C., Vozniuk O., Mari M., Urrea S. Y. A., Lorentz C., Millet J. M. M., Cavani F.

    The chemical-loop reforming of alcohols on spinel-type mixed oxides: comparing Ni, Co, and Fe ferrite vs magnetite performances

    Topics in Catalysis, 2016, 59, p. 1600–1613

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    Nguyen T. T., Deniau B., Baca M., Millet J. M. M.

    Influence of Nb content on the structure, cationic and valence distribution and catalytic properties of MoVTe(Sb)NbO M1 phase used as catalysts for the oxidation of light alkanes

    Topics in Catalysis, 2016, 59, p. 1496–1505

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    Vernoux P.,Pajot K.,Cartoixa B.,Tardivat C.,Klotz M.,Retailleau-Mevel L.,Boreave A.,Tsampas M.,Lopez-Gonzalez D.,

    Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conducting Catalysts for Catalysed Gasoline Particulate Filters

    Topics in Catalysis, 2015, 58, pp. 1242-1255

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    Aqueous Heck Arylation of Acrolein Derivatives: The Role of Cyclodextrin as Additive

    Topics in Catalysis, 2014, 57, pp. 1550-1557