• External Congress
    • sunday 18 march 2018 - friday 23 march 2018

      ICCSC 2018 International Conference on Catalysis and Surface Chemistry

      Kraków, Poland

      Hotel Galaxy (22a, Gęsia Street / next to Kotlarski Bridge over the River Vistula)

      The conference will be commemorating both the 50th anniversary of establishing the Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences and the 50th Polish Annual Conference on Catalysis (50 Ogólnopolskie Kolokwium Katalityczne).

      The topic of the conference will be focused this time not only on diverse aspects of catalysis, but also on the surface chemistry, colloids, nanostructures, electrochemistry and cultural heritage.

      Abstract of the oral (15 minutes), flash oral (7 minutes) and poster presentations should be sent until 12 January 2018.

    • tuesday 22 may 2018 - friday 25 may 2018

      Congrès du GECat 2018

      Trégunc (Finistère sud, entre Pont-Aven et Concarneau)

      Le prochain congrès du GECat aura lieu à Trégunc (Finistère sud) du 22 au 25 mai 2018.

      Le programme scientifique sera centré sur 3 thèmes :


      Thème 1 : Détermination de mécanismes réactionnels et cinétique

      Conférence d’introduction : Olivier Marie, LCS


      Thème 2 : Surfaces ou réactions modèles

      Conférence d’introduction : Elodie Devers, IFPEN


      Thème 3 : Catalyse pour l'environnement et le développement durable

      Conférence d’introduction : Jean-Pierre Dath, Total


      Limite soumission résumés en ligne: 12 janvier 2018.
      Notification d’acceptation: 13 février.
      Limite inscription tarif préférentiel: 30 mars.
      Limite inscription tarif normal: 20 avril.

      Plus de détails et première circulaire :

    • tuesday 22 may 2018 - friday 25 may 2018

      International Meeting on Nanoalloys, IMN-2018

      Orléans, France

      All informations on the web site :

      The meeting will focus on the following topics:

      1- Equilibrium properties: structure and environment effects

      •     Size dependent nanoalloy phase diagrams and transitions
      •     Effects of the environment
      •     Strain engineering in binary and ternary nanoalloys

      2- Out-of-equilibrium effects: kinetics, mobility and environment

      •     Growth kinetics
      •     Ageing: from metastable initial state to equilibrium
      •     Collective effects in assemblies of nanoalloys

      3- Nanoalloy properties and their relationship with structure and environment

      •     Catalytic properties
      •     Magnetic properties
      •     Optical properties


    • monday 25 june 2018 - wednesday 27 june 2018

      3rd Fundamentals and applications of cerium dioxide in catalysis, CERIA 2018

      Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC).


      On behalf of the Organizers I cordially invite you to attend the 3rd Fundamentals and Applications of Cerium dioxide in Catalysis organized in Barcelona by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC). The conference is intended to provide an excellent opportunity for scientists from all over the world to meet and discuss the latest advances in catalysis by CeO2. To that end, the conference will be limited to a maximum of 150 participants on a first come, first served basis and there will be no parellel sessions.

      Cerium dioxide is becoming a common constituent in catalytic systems. Apart from its well-established use in three-way catalysts, ceria is a catalyst component for a wide range of applications, holding great promise for future market breakthroughs. While much knowledge about the fundamental characteristics of CeO2-based materials has already been acquired, new characterization techniques and theoretical methods are deepening our understanding, helping us to gain insight into reaction mechanisms and to predict their behaviour and application potential. And for this to occur, the need for collaboration and cooperation of scientists with different approaches and backgrounds is required.

      For more informations :

    • saturday 30 june 2018 - wednesday 04 july 2018

      Congress SCF 18

      Toulouse and Montpellier (June 30 and July 1st) Montpellier (July 2-4)

      The « Société Chimique de France »  organises its national congress

      - General public week-end  in Toulouse and Montpellier (June 30 and July 1st)

      - Symposium in Montpellier (July 2-4)

      The congress will highlight the theme « Chemistry and Life » because it is a transdisciplinary subject that concerns more and more chemists.

      However, it leaves room for the mainstream contributions, corresponding to the thematic divisions of the « Société Chimique de France » :

      – Catalysis

      – Coordination chemistry

      – Polymers and materials chemistry

      – Solid state chemistry

      – Industrial chemistry

      – Organic chemistry

      – Physical chemistry

      – Energy

      September 30th, 2017: opening of registration and abstract submission

      February 15th, 2018: closing of abstract submission

      Beginning of April 2018: notification to authors

      Contact IRCELYON: Aline AUROUX


    • tuesday 10 july 2018 - friday 13 july 2018


      Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 Domaine de Rockefeller Bâtiment Jean-François Cier 8 Avenue Rockefeller 69008 Lyon, France

      L'association française de cristallographie organise l'AFC2018.

      Plus d'info sur le site :

    • sunday 15 july 2018 - wednesday 18 july 2018

      Gold 2018

      Paris, France

      campus of the Pierre et Marie Curie University, UPMC

      8th International Gold Conference : Recent advances in catalysis, plasmonics, nanoelectronics and nanomedicine

      Scientific Topics

      1. Catalysis: Heterogeneous catalysis (oxidation, hydrogenations, single site catalysis), Homogenous catalysis, Photocatalysis, Electrocatalysis, Plasmonics assisted catalysis, Bimetallic catalysis

      2. Plasmonics: Nanophotonics, Thermal effects, Ultrafast spectroscopy, Surface enhanced spectroscopies (fluorescence, SERS, SEIRA, TERS)

      3. Biofunctionalization and medical applications: Theranostics, Environmental impact, Toxicity, Biosensing, Biofunctionalization, Therapy, Imaging

      4. Nanoparticles synthesis and self-assembly: Self assembled monolayers on gold surfaces and on nanoparticles, Self-organization of nanoparticles, Bioinspired self-assembly, DNA nanotechnology, Nano-clusters, Novel syntheses and novel surface ligands

      5. Molecular gold complexes: Homogenous catalysis, Luminescence, Bioactivity, Coordination chemistry

      6. Nanoelectronics and electrochemistry: Hot carriers and plasmonics, Nanoelectronics, Gold functionalization for molecular electronics, Electrochemistry, Charge transfer at interfaces

    • saturday 18 august 2018 - thursday 23 august 2018

      14th EuropaCat



      14th European Congress on Catalysis, EuropaCat 2019 : Catalysis without Borders

      More info :

    • sunday 23 september 2018 - thursday 27 september 2018

      ICEC & EECAT 2018

      Renaissance Tianjin Lakeview Hotel

      Tianjin, China

      10th International Conference on Environmental Catalysis & 3rd International Symposium on Catalytic Science and Technology in Sustainable Energy and Environment (ICEC & EECAT 2018)

      Latest information of the conference on the website:

      The theme of the conference is “Catalytic science and technology in sustainable energy and environment”. The cutting-edge research and the most recent breakthroughs in energy and environmental catalysis will be shared and discussed in six plenary lectures, seven parallel oral-presentation sessions and three poster sessions. An industrial catalysis tutorial session is also included in the symposium.

      Catalytic Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications
      Automotive and Stationary Emission Control
      Indoor Air Purification
      Wastewater Treatment
      Sustainable and Clean Energy Production
      Green Chemistry

    • monday 29 october 2018 - wednesday 31 october 2018


      Bruxelles, Belgique

      Université libre de Bruxelles

      Eleventh International Congress on Catalysis and Automotive Pollution Control (CAPOC 11)

      The rising interest and challenges in Catalysis for Automotive Pollution Control (CAPoC) has encouraged us to organize an eleventh international congress in this successful series. Five half-day sessions starting in the morning of October 29th and ending at noon on October 31st, will give an account of the state of the art in this field and discuss technical perspectives and challenges in relation to present and future legislative regulations.

      All topics related to applications and requirements of catalysis in automotive (including cars, light and heavy duty vehicles) emission control will be considered.

      February 15th - Submission of extended abstracts.

      April 15th - Authors are informed of the acceptance of their paper.

      June 30th - Deadline for receipt of the full manuscript.

      August 31st - Early bird registration deadline.


  • External seminars
    • monday 23 april 2018 - thursday 26 april 2018

      COMPOLA@2018 Colloque francophone «Combustion et Pollution Atmosphérique»

      Ouarzazate, MAROC

      Hôtel "Cos One", Bd Mohamed V à Ouarzazate

      La quatrième édition de ce colloque sera organisée à l'initiative du laboratoire ICARE-CNRS d'Orléans en collaboration avec les Universités Ibn Zohr, Moulay Ismail, Mohammed V, d'Orléans, de Lille, de Lyon et de Copenhague.

      Les études sur la pollution atmosphérique contribuent à déterminer la composition de l'atmosphère et évaluer ses changements. Elles concernent l’ozone stratosphérique, les gaz à effet de serre et les aérosols, les polluants de la basse atmosphère avec des impacts respectifs sur le rayonnement ultraviolet à la surface, le climat et la qualité de l'air.

      Ce colloque vise à rassembler les organismes et les industriels qui  souhaitent échanger sur ces problématiques de combustion et de pollution atmosphérique.

      Contact IRCELYON: Christian George

      Appel à contributions, date limite de dépôt : 11 mars 2018.

  • PhD thesis defenses
    • monday 26 february 2018 2:00:00 pm

      Sihaib Zakaria – Oxydation de traces de toluène en phase gazeuse en présence de catalyseurs à base de manganèse: relation structure réactivité.

      Bibliothèque Sciences, salle de conférences

      Domaine scientifique de la Doua


      Sihaib Zakaria


      Monsieur DUJARDIN Christophe, Professeur des Universités, Ecole Supérieure de Chimie de Lille ; Madame GERVASINI Antonella, Professeure, Università degli Studi di Milano (Italie) ; Madame GIL Sonia, Maître de Conférences, Université Lyon 1 ; Madame GIROIR-FENDLER Anne, Professeure des universités, Université Lyon 1 ; Monsieur GRUTTADAURIA Michelangelo, Professeur, Università degli Studi di Palermo (Italie) ; Madame LIOTTA Leonarda, Chercheure, Università degli Studi di Palermo (Italie) ; Monsieur VALVERDE Jose Luis, Professeur, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (Espagne).
    • monday 05 march 2018 2:00:00 pm

      Frizon Vincent – Corrélation composition chimique-structure-propriétés de réductibilité/mobilité de l’oxygène/catalyse d’oxydation au sein d’oxydes à base de cérium, zirconium et de praséodyme

      Amphi DR CNRS


      Frizon Vincent


      Prof. M. Daturi, ENSICAEN, Rapporteur Prof. O. Joubert, Université de Nantes, Rapporteur Prof. A. Giroir-Fendler, Université Lyon 1, Examinatrice Prof. R.N. Vannier, ENSC Lille, Examinatrice Dr. K. Pajot, PSA, Examinatrice Dr. J. Hernandez, Solvay, Examinateur Dr. J.M. Bassat, CNRS, invité Dr. A. Demourgues, CNRS, Directeur de thèse Dr. P. Vernoux, CNRS, Directeur de thèse