IRCELYON and its international relationships

The presence of IRCELYON on the international scene expresses itself by some forty-odd institutional actions.

Bilateral relations with the majority of the 25 countries of the European community and others exist and are in general funded by the CNRS or the ministry of foreign affairs. Among them, we note the following joint programmes:

in China, with the associated international laboratory regrouping the State Key Laboratory of Catalysis of Dalian (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Beijing University and SINOPEC and several CNRS laboratories (Paris, Strasbourg and Lyon),

with the Federation of Russia via the associated European laboratory twinning IRCELYON with the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis of Novosibirsk, a laboratory of the Siberian branch of the Academy of Sciences,

in Franco Vietnamese relations where IRCELYON has the task of building a catalysis laboratory with the Institute of Industrial Chemistry of Hanoi to support the Vietnamese petroleum industry.

Moreover, the animation of two “International Research Groups”, one with Japan, the other with South America (Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina & Chile) must also be noted. They operate on the principle of a cooperative effort that brings into play a network of French laboratories and a network of laboratories of the participating countries. In both cases it is petroleum catalysis that unites these actions.

Besides these network actions, bilateral agreements with India (within the framework of the Franco Indian Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research), Australia, Switzerland, and Kuwait, the countries of the Maghreb, South Africa, Mexico and the USA allow IRCELYON to be present on all 5 continents.