IRCELYON and the Rhône Alpes region

IRCELYON has opened out towards the scientific communities of the various research establishments of Lyon, viz. CPE, ECL, ENS, and INSA in the chemistry, physics and engineering disciplines.

The highly pluri-disciplinary character of catalysis and its strong interface with physics, nanotechnologies and materials has allowed us to develop strong links with the various establishments and organisms located in Lyon but also around Grenoble and Chambery.

IRCELYON is also one of the driving partners of the microscopy consortium of Lyon, which unites academic laboratories and industrial groups around this technique dedicated to the characterisation of materials at the nano-scale level.

IRCELYON is equally well involved in the Regional Scheme of the Rhone Alps region for Education and Research, being part of several research clusters.

The recent labelling of a “Chemistry and Environment” Competitiveness Pole, with an international vocation and with a clear cut plan of action based on the environment, has made IRCELYON a privileged partner that is already active in the fields of intensification of processes and treatment of water.

The recent arrival of the catalysis division of the French Petroleum Institute (IFP) at Solaize has reinforced the links between the two laboratories; some of our scientists spend long periods at the IFP and the number of jointly managed theses has also increased tremendously.