Source lumineuse LED pour spectrométrie d’absorption différentielle

Source lumineuse LED pour spectrométrie d’absorption différentielle


IRCELYON brings together the competences in heterogeneous catalysis over the Lyon area to establish the largest catalysis laboratory in France and Europe. The laboratory includes a permanent research staff of 115 CNRS and UCBL Faculty members and as many PhD students, post-docs, and invited scientists from all over the world.

Catalysis is an essential workhorse for the socio-economic development of industrialised countries because a catalytic step is required to achieve the synthesis of 80% of the products employed in our everyday life. Catalysis is the requisite tool to synthesize products with a minimum of energy and wastes and to destroy air and water pollutants for environmental remediation. Catalytic processes are required to convert fossil resources into fuels for power generation and transportation, thus playing a strategic role in every country. The future exploitation of bioresources for biofuels and bioproducts production could not be achieved without catalysis.

IRCELYON, an academic research laboratory entirely dedicated to catalysis, targets its research activities on sustainable development issues; it is eager to meet societal demands for sustainable energy production and the preservation of our environment. An essential duty is to deepen the fundamental knowledge reqired to understand catalytic mechanisms and to develop the concepts which will lead in the future to a safer chemistry more respectful for the environment. Meanwhile, our partnership with industry will be maintained and developed to meet socio-economic demands: for IRCELYON there is a continuum between applied and fundamental catalysis.

Supported by a platform of state-of-the-art equipments and by an efficient technical and administrative logistic, our eight research groups are eager to work for the advancement of their specific research field.