• tuesday 15 september 2015

    ING welcomes Prof Karl Petter Lillerud from the University of Oslo

    The main focus of his activities deal with the ynthesis and characterization of new crystalline nanoporous materials with potential applications as selective catalysts and mechanism of formation of porous crystalline materials. This has resulted in a significant number of new microporous structure types, such as OSI, OSO (the first zeolite structure composed exclusively of three-membered rings), OWE, OBW, ZON and AEN. Including resent MOF topologies like the UiO-66 series of materials. This family of materials are described as “Iconic” and has become one of the most studied MOF materials.​

  • friday 29 may 2015

    Prix du meilleur poster du GECat 2015 attribué à Minh Tuan Nguyen