INtegrated Thermodynamical, Reactional and Analytical Approaches (ATARI)

Manager : NOZIERE Barbara
Deputy Manager : GELIN Patrick

Today, many scientific questions in the fields of catalysis and environmental science require the development of new tools. The objective of the INTRAA group is thus to solve such scientific challenges by developing either

- new methods,

- new instruments,


 - new coupling between existing techniques,

 - or integrated aproaches ...

The group activities are divided in the following main axes:

Axe 1: Microscopies, spectroscopies et advanced spectrometries, gathering technics and aproaches such as those of surface science (TEM, STM, XPS...), separation analysis (ATD or GC/MS...), and mass spectrometry,

Axe 2: Reaction thermodynamics, gathering the approaches based on the measurement of reaction energy and calorimetry,

Axe 3: Catalysis in non-conventional media, gathering non-conventional methods for the synthesis of catalysts (ultrasounds, micro-waves), and studies of polarisation-induced or microwave-induced catalysis.