INtegrated Thermodynamical, Reactional and Analytical Approaches (ATARI)

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Manager : NOZIERE Barbara
Deputy Manager : GELIN Patrick
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    Saint-lager M., Languille M., Aires F., Bailly A., Garaudee S., Ehret E., Robachi O.

    Carbon Monoxide Oxidation Promoted by a Highly Active Strained PdO Layer at the Surface of Au30Pd70(110)

    Acs catalysis, 2019, 9, pp. 4448-4461

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    Noziere B., Vereecken L.

    Direct Observation of Aliphatic Peroxy Radical Autoxidation and Water Effects: An Experimental and Theoretical Study

    Angewandte chemie-international edition, 2019, p.

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    Florea M., Somacescu S., Postole G., Urda A., Neatu F., Neatu S., Massin L., Gelin P.

    La0.75Sr0.25XO3 (X = Fe, Mn or Cr) with coking tolerance for CH4/H2O reaction: effect of H2S on catalytic performance

    Catalysis science & technology, 2019, 9, pp. 2351-2366

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    Zhou L., Yan C., Sleiman M., Ferronato C., Chovelon J., Wang X., Richard C.

    Sulfate radical induced degradation of beta(2)-adrenoceptor agonists salbutamol and Terbutaline: Implication of halides, bicarbonate, and natural organic matter

    Chemical engineering journal, 2019, 368, pp. 252-260

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    Zhou L., Sleiman M., Fine L., Ferronato C., Claire P., Vulliet E., Chovelon J., Xu G., Richard C.

    Contrasting photoreactivity of beta 2-adrenoceptor agonists Salbutamol and Terbutaline in the presence of humic substances

    Chemosphere, 2019, 228, pp. 9-16

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    Chatre C., Emmelin C., Urbaniak S., George C., Cogne C.

    Phase Transformations of Liquid Drops Containing Mineral Dust and Organic Compound (Citric Acid)

    Crystal growth & design, 2019, 19, pp. 4619-4624

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    Ji Y., Yang Y., Wang L., Lu J., Ferronato C., Chovelon J.

    Sulfate radical-induced incorporation of NO2 group into chlorophenols

    Environmental chemistry letters, 2019, 17, pp. 1111-1116

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    Frossard A., Gerard V., Duplessis P., Kinsey J., Lu X., Zhu Y., Bisgrove J., Maben J., Long M., Chang R., Beaupre S., Kieber D., Keene W., Noziere B., Cohen R.

    Properties of Seawater Surfactants Associated with Primary Marine Aerosol Particles Produced by Bursting Bubbles at a Model Air-Sea Interface

    Environmental science & technology, 2019, 53, pp. 9407-9417

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    Galey B., Auroux A., Sabo-etienne S., Grellier M., Postole G.

    Enhancing hydrogen storage properties of the Mg/MgH2 system by the addition of bis(tricyclohexylphosphine)nickel(II) dichloride

    International journal of hydrogen energy, 2019, 44, pp. 11939-11952

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    Tonelli M., Massin L., Cardenas L., Ivars-barcelo F., Baca V., Millet J.

    Cooperation between redox couples at the surface of molybdates based catalysts used for the selective oxidation of propene

    Journal of catalysis, 2019, 370, pp. 412-423

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    Ji Y., Shi Y., Yang Y., Yang P., Wang L., Lu J., Li J., Zhou L., Ferronato C., Chovelon J.

    Rethinking sulfate radical-based oxidation of nitrophenols: Formation of toxic polynitrophenols, nitrated biphenyls and diphenyl ethers

    Journal of hazardous materials, 2019, 361, pp. 152-161

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    Pigeot-remy S., Gregori D., Hazime R., Herissan A., Guillard C., Ferronato C., Cassaignon S., Colbeau-justin C., Durupthy O.

    Size and shape effect on the photocatalytic efficiency of TiO2 brookite

    Journal of materials science, 2019, 54, pp. 1213-1225

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    Frossard A., Li W., Gerard V., Noziere B., Cohen R.

    Influence of surfactants on growth of individual aqueous coarse mode aerosol particles

    Aerosol science and technology, 2018, 52, pp. 459-469

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    Pongthawornsakun B, Mekasuwandumrong O, Aires F, Buchel R, Baiker A, Pratsinis S, Panpranot J

    Variability of particle configurations achievable by 2-nozzle flame syntheses of the Au-Pd-TiO2 system and their catalytic behaviors in the selective hydrogenation of acetylene

    Applied catalysis a-general, 2018, 549, pp. 1-7

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    Nguyen T, Huchede M, Blanco E, Morfin F, Rousset J, Massin L, Aouine M, Belliere-baca V, Millet J

    An attempt to improve Ag-based catalysts for allyl alcohol oxidative dehydrogenation to acrolein

    Applied catalysis a-general, 2018, 549, pp. 170-178

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    Cheah S., Massin L., Aouine M., Steil M., Fouletier J., Gelin P.

    Methane steam reforming in water deficient conditions on Ir/Ce0.9Gd0.1O2-x catalyst: Metal-support interactions and catalytic activity enhancement

    Applied catalysis b-environmental, 2018, 234, pp. 279-289

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    Borowiec A., Lilic A., Morin J., Devaux J., Dubois J., Bennici S., Auroux A., Capron M., Dumeignil F.

    Acrolein production from methanol and ethanol mixtures over La- and Ce-doped FeMo catalysts

    Applied catalysis b-environmental, 2018, 237, pp. 149-157

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    Florea M., Postole G., Matei-rutkovska F., Urda A., Neatu F., Massin L., Gelin P.

    Influence of Gd and Pr doping on the properties of ceria: texture, structure, redox behaviour and reactivity in CH4/H2O reactions in the presence of H2S

    Catalysis science & technology, 2018, 8, pp. 1333-1348

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    Florea M., Matei-rutkovska F., Postole G., Urda A., Neatu F., Parvulescu V., Gelin P.

    Doped ceria prepared by precipitation route for steam reforming of methane

    Catalysis today, 2018, 306, pp. 166-171

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    Vu tung lam tran ?., Gelin P., Ferronato C., Fine L., Chovelon J., Postole G.

    Exploring the potential of infrared spectroscopy on the study of the adsorption/desorption of siloxanes for biogas purification

    Catalysis today, 2018, 306, pp. 191-198

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    Poovarawan N., Suriye K., Panpranot J., Limsangkass W., Guntida A., Aires F., Praserthdam P.

    Second metals (Lanthanum, Cerium, and Yttrium) modified W/SiO2 catalysts for metathesis of ethylene and 2-butene

    Catalysis today, 2018, 309, pp. 43-50

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    Zhou Lei,Richard Claire,Ferronato Corinne,Chovelon Jean-Marc,Sleiman Mohamad,

    Investigating the performance of biomass-derived biochars for the removal of gaseous ozone, adsorbed nitrate and aqueous bisphenol A

    Chemical engineering journal, 2018, 334, pp. 2098 - 2104

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    Mamtani K., Singh D., Dogu D., Jain D., Millet J., Ozkan U.

    Effect of Acid-Washing on the Nature of Bulk Characteristics of Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanostructures as Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrocatalysts in Acidic Media

    Energy & fuels, 2018, 32, pp. 11038-11045

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    Ismail L., Ferronato C., Fine L., Jaber F., Chovelon J.

    Effect of water constituents on the degradation of sulfaclozine in the three systems: UV/TiO2, UV/K2S2O8, and UV/TiO2/K2S2O8

    Environmental science and pollution research, 2018, 25, pp. 2651-2663

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    Fang W., Romani Y., Wei Y., Jimenez-ruiz M., Jobic H., Paul S., Jalowiecki-duhamel L.

    Steam reforming and oxidative steam reforming for hydrogen production from bioethanol over Mg2AlNiXHZOY nano-oxyhydride catalysts

    International journal of hydrogen energy, 2018, 43, pp. 17643-17655