Characterization and remediation of pollutants in air and water (CARE)

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Manager : VERNOUX Philippe
Deputy Manager : GIROIR-FENDLER Anne
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    Roveretto M., Li M., Hayeck N., Bruggemann M., Emmelin C., Perrier S., George C.

    Real-Time Detection of Gas-Phase Organohalogens from Aqueous Photochemistry Using Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry

    Acs earth and space chemistry, 2019, 3, pp. 329-334

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    Cheng S., Li S., Tsona N., George C., Du L.

    Insights into the Headgroup and Chain Length Dependence of Surface Characteristics of Organic-Coated Sea Spray Aerosols

    Acs earth and space chemistry, 2019, 3, pp. 571-580

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    Fleming L., Ali N., Blair S., Royeretto M., George C., Nizkorodov S.

    Formation of Light-Absorbing Organosulfates during Evaporation of Secondary Organic Material Extracts in the Presence of Sulfuric Acid

    Acs earth and space chemistry, 2019, 3, pp. 947-957

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    Riva M., Ehn M., Li D., Tomaz S., Bourgain F., Perrier S., George C.

    CI-Orbitrap: An Analytical Instrument To Study Atmospheric Reactive Organic Species

    Analytical chemistry, 2019, 91, pp. 9419-9423

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    Serve A., Boreave A., Cartoixa B., Pajot K., Vernoux P.

    Synergy between Ag nanoparticles and yttria-stabilized zirconia for soot oxidation

    Applied catalysis b-environmental, 2019, 242, pp. 140-149

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    Holm A., Hamandi M., Simonet F., Jouguet B., Dappozze F., Guillard C.

    Impact of rutile and anatase phase on the photocatalytic decomposition of lactic acid

    Applied catalysis b-environmental, 2019, 253, pp. 96-104

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    Li S., Jiang X., Roveretto M., George C., Liu L., Jiang W., Zhang Q., Wang W., Ge M., Du L.

    Photochemical aging of atmospherically reactive organic compounds involving brown carbon at the air-aqueous interface

    Atmospheric chemistry and physics, 2019, 19, pp. 9887-9902

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    Stella P., Loubet B., De berranger C., Charrier X., Ceschia E., Gerosa G., Finco A., Lamaud E., Serca D., George C., Ciuraru R.

    Soil ozone deposition: Dependence of soil resistance to soil texture

    Atmospheric environment, 2019, 199, pp. 202-209

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    Ponczek M., Hayeck N., Emmelin C., George C.

    Heterogeneous photochemistry of dicarboxylic acids on mineral dust

    Atmospheric environment, 2019, 212, pp. 262-271

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    Riva M., Rantala P., Krechmer J., Perakyla O., Zhang Y., Heikkinen L., Garmash O., Yan C., Kulmala M., Worsnop D., Ehn M.

    Evaluating the performance of five different chemical ionization techniques for detecting gaseous oxygenated organic species

    Atmospheric measurement techniques, 2019, 12, pp. 2403-2421

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    Zhang Y., Perakyla O., Yan C., Heikkinen L., Aijala M., Daellenbach K., Zha Q., Riva M., Garmash O., Junninen H., Paatero P., Worsnop D., Ehn M.

    A novel approach for simple statistical analysis of high-resolution mass spectra

    Atmospheric measurement techniques, 2019, 12, pp. 3761-3776

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    Fernandez-gutierrez D., Veillette M., Ramirez A., Giroir-fendler A., Faucheux N., Heitz M.

    Production of 2,3-butanediol from diverse saccharides via fermentation

    Canadian journal of chemical engineering, 2019, p.

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    Yazdi M., Lizarraga L., Vernoux P., Billard A., Briois P.

    Catalytic Properties of Double Substituted Lanthanum Cobaltite Nanostructured Coatings Prepared by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering

    Catalysts, 2019, 9, p.

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    Sihaib Z., Puleo F., Pantaleo G., La parola V., Luis valverde J., Gil S., Liotta L., Giroir-fendler A.

    The Effect of Citric Acid Concentration on the Properties of LaMnO3 as a Catalyst for Hydrocarbon Oxidation

    Catalysts, 2019, 9, p.

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    Aneggi E., Llorca J., Trovarelli A., Aouine M., Vernoux P.

    In situ environmental HRTEM discloses low temperature carbon soot oxidation by ceria-zirconia at the nanoscale

    Chemical communications, 2019, 55, pp. 3876-3878

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    Zhou L., Yan C., Sleiman M., Ferronato C., Chovelon J., Wang X., Richard C.

    Sulfate radical induced degradation of beta(2)-adrenoceptor agonists salbutamol and Terbutaline: Implication of halides, bicarbonate, and natural organic matter

    Chemical engineering journal, 2019, 368, pp. 252-260

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    Chatre C., Emmelin C., Urbaniak S., George C., Cogne C.

    Phase Transformations of Liquid Drops Containing Mineral Dust and Organic Compound (Citric Acid)

    Crystal growth & design, 2019, 19, pp. 4619-4624

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    Caravaca A., Eunice garcia-lorefice W., Gil S., De lucas-consuegra A., Vernoux P.

    Towards a sustainable technology for H-2 production: Direct lignin electrolysis in a continuous-flow Polymer Electrolyte Membrane reactor

    Electrochemistry communications, 2019, 100, pp. 43-47

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    Zhu M., Jiang B., Li S., Yu Q., Yu X., Zhang Y., Bi X., Yu J., George C., Yu Z., Wang X.

    Organosulfur Compounds Formed from Heterogeneous Reaction between SO2 and Particulate-Bound Unsaturated Fatty Acids in Ambient Air

    Environmental science & technology letters, 2019, 6, pp. 318-322

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    Riva M., Chen Y., Zhang Y., Lei Z., Olson N., Boyer H., Narayan S., Yee L., Green H., Cui T., Zhang Z., Baumann K., Fort M., Edgerton E., Budisulistiorini S., Rose C., Ribeiro I., L e oliveira R., Dos santos E., Machado C., Szopa S., Zhao Y., Alves E., De sa S., Hu W., Knipping E., Shaw S., Duvoisin junior S., De souza R., Palm B., Jimenez J., Glasius M., Goldstein A., Pye H., Gold A., Turpin B., Vizuete W., Martin S., Thornton J., Dutcher C., Ault A., Surratt J.

    Increasing Isoprene Epoxydiol-to-Inorganic Sulfate Aerosol Ratio Results in Extensive Conversion of Inorganic Sulfate to Organosulfur Forms: Implications for Aerosol Physicochemical Properties

    Environmental science & technology, 2019, 53, pp. 8682-8694

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    Pigeot-remy S., Gregori D., Hazime R., Herissan A., Guillard C., Ferronato C., Cassaignon S., Colbeau-justin C., Durupthy O.

    Size and shape effect on the photocatalytic efficiency of TiO2 brookite

    Journal of materials science, 2019, 54, pp. 1213-1225

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    Frizon V., Bassat J., Pollet M., Durand E., Hernandez J., Pajot K., Vernoux P., Demourgues A.

    Tuning the Pr Valence State To Design High Oxygen Mobility, Redox and Transport Properties in the CeO2-ZrO2-PrOx Phase Diagram

    Journal of physical chemistry c, 2019, 123, pp. 6351-6362

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    Fessi N., Nsib M., Chevalier Y., Guillard C., Dappozze F., Houas A., Palmisano L., Parrino F.

    Photocatalytic Degradation Enhancement in Pickering Emulsions Stabilized by Solid Particles of Bare TiO2

    Langmuir, 2019, 35, pp. 2129-2136

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    Riva M., Heikkinen L., Bell D., Perakyla O., Zha Q., Schallhart S., Rissanen M., Imre D., Petaja T., Thornton J., Zelenyuk A., Ehn M.

    Chemical transformations in monoterpene-derived organic aerosol enhanced by inorganic composition

    Npj climate and atmospheric science, 2019, 2, p.

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    Yu J., Lei J., Wang L., Guillard C., Zhang J., Liu Y., Anpo M.

    g-C3N4 quantum dots-modified mesoporous TiO2-SiO2 for enhanced photocatalysis

    Research on chemical intermediates, 2019, 45, pp. 4237-4247