Catalyst and Process Engineering (ING)

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Manager : FARRUSSENG David
Deputy Manager : SCHUURMAN Yves
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    Gutierrez-acebo E., Rey J., Bouchy C., Schuurman Y., Chizallet C.

    Location of the Active Sites for Ethylcyclohexane Hydroisomerization by Ring Contraction and Expansion in the EUO Zeolitic Framework

    Acs catalysis, 2019, 9, pp. 1692-1704

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    Dessal C., Len T., Morfin F., Rousset J., Aouine M., Afanasiev P., Piccolo L.

    Dynamics of Single Pt Atoms on Alumina during CO Oxidation Monitored by Operando X-ray and Infrared Spectroscopies

    Acs catalysis, 2019, 9, pp. 5752-5759

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    Mishra S., Morfin F., Mendez V., Swamy P., Rousset J., Daniele S.

    Nanometric NaYF4 as an Unconventional Support for Gold Catalysts for Oxidation Reactions

    Acs omega, 2019, 4, pp. 5852-5861

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    Will P., Schmidt M., Eckhardt K., Wisser F., Lenk S., Grothe J., Kaskel S., Reineke S.

    Efficiency of Light Outcoupling Structures in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes: 2D TiO2 Array as a Model System

    Advanced functional materials, 2019, 29, p.

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    Atwi R., Tuel A., Maffre M., Burel L., Rousset J., Meunier F.

    Highly dispersed Au, Ag and Au-Ag alloy nanoparticles encapsulated in single crystal multi-hollow silicalite-1

    Applied catalysis a-general, 2019, 569, pp. 86-92

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    Xu H., Chen B., Tan P., Xuan J., Maroto-valer M., Farrusseng D., Sun Q., Ni M.

    Modeling of all-porous solid oxide fuel cells with a focus on the electrolyte porosity design

    Applied energy, 2019, 235, pp. 602-611

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    Monpezat A., Couchaux G., Thomas V., Artheix A., Deliere L., Greau C., Topin S., Coasne B., Roiban L., Cardenas L., Farrusseng D.

    Effect of Chlorine-Containing VOCs on Silver Migration and Sintering in ZSM-5 Used in a TSA Process

    Catalysts, 2019, 9, p.

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    Bueno A., Mayer M., Weber M., Bechelany M., Klotz M., Farrusseng D.

    Impregnation Protocols on Alumina Beads for Controlling the Preparation of Supported Metal Catalysts

    Catalysts, 2019, 9, p.

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    Urmes C., Schweitzer J., Cabiac A., Schuurman Y.

    Kinetic Study of the Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene over Supported Palladium under Tail-End Conditions

    Catalysts, 2019, 9, p.

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    Prates A., Meunier F., Dodin M., Franco R., Farrusseng D., Tuel A.

    Hydrogenation Size-Selective Pt/Hollow Beta Catalysts

    Chemistry-a european journal, 2019, 25, pp. 2972-2977

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    Monpezat A., Topin S., Deliere L., Farrusseng D., Coasne B.

    Evaluation Methods of Adsorbents for Air Purification and Gas Separation at Low Concentration: Case Studies on Xenon and Krypton

    Industrial & engineering chemistry research, 2019, 58, pp. 4560-4571

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    Meunier F., Kdhir R., Potrzebowska N., Perret N., Besson M.

    Unravelling Platinum-Zirconia Interfacial Sites Using CO Adsorption

    Inorganic chemistry, 2019, 58, pp. 8021-8029

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    Meira D., Monte M., Fernandez-garcia M., Meunier F., Mathon O., Pascarelli S., Agostini G.

    A flexible cell for in situ combined XAS-DRIFTS-MS experiments

    Journal of synchrotron radiation, 2019, 26, pp. 801-810

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    Dessal C., Sangnier A., Chizallet C., Dujardin C., Morfin F., Rousset J., Aouine M., Bugnet M., Afanasiev P., Piccolo L.

    Atmosphere-dependent stability and mobility of catalytic Pt single atoms and clusters on gamma-Al2O3

    Nanoscale, 2019, 11, pp. 6897-6904

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    Reocreux R., Girel E., Clabaut P., Tuel A., Besson M., Chaumonnot A., Cabiac A., Sautet P., Michel C.

    Reactivity of shape-controlled crystals and metadynamics simulations locate the weak spots of alumina in water

    Nature communications, 2019, 10, p.

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    Pagis C., Bouchy C., Dodin M., Franco R., Farrusseng D., Tuel A.

    Hollow Y zeolite single crystals: synthesis, characterization and activity in the hydroisomerization of n-hexadecane

    Oil & gas science and technology-revue d ifp energies nouvelles, 2019, 74, p.

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    Arrahli A., Kherbeche A., Bianchi D.

    Surface reconstruction of Pt-Sn nanoparticles supported on Al2O3 in the presence of carbon monoxide

    Research on chemical intermediates, 2019, 45, pp. 1421-1436

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    Pizzoccaro-zilamy M., Pina S., Rebiere B., Daniel C., Farrusseng D., Drobek M., Silly G., Julbe A., Guerrero G.

    Controlled grafting of dialkylphosphonate-based ionic liquids on gamma-alumina: design of hybrid materials with high potential for CO2 separation applications

    Rsc advances, 2019, 9, pp. 19882-19894

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    Wisser F., Berruyer P., Cardenas L., Mohr Y., Quadrelli E., Lesage A., Farrusseng D., Canivet J.

    Hammett Parameter in Microporous Solids as Macroligands for Heterogenized Photocatalysts

    Acs catalysis, 2018, 8, pp. 1653-1661

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    Gutierrez-acebo E., Leroux C., Chizallet C., Schuurman Y., Bouchy C.

    Metal/Acid Bifunctional Catalysis and Intimacy Criterion for Ethylcyclohexane Hydroconversion: When Proximity Does Not Matter

    Acs catalysis, 2018, 8, pp. 6035-6046

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    Alexiadis V., Serres T., Marin G., Mirodatos C., Thybaut J., Schuurman Y.

    Analysis of volume-to-surface ratio effects on methane oxidative coupling using microkinetic modeling

    Aiche journal, 2018, 64, pp. 2603-2611

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    Paredes-nunez A, Lorito D, Burel L, Motta-meira D, Agostini G, Guilhaume N, Schuurman Y, Meunier F

    CO Hydrogenation on Cobalt-Based Catalysts: Tin Poisoning Unravels CO in Hollow Sites as a Main Surface Intermediate

    Angewandte chemie-international edition, 2018, 57, pp. 547-550

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    Nguyen T, Huchede M, Blanco E, Morfin F, Rousset J, Massin L, Aouine M, Belliere-baca V, Millet J

    An attempt to improve Ag-based catalysts for allyl alcohol oxidative dehydrogenation to acrolein

    Applied catalysis a-general, 2018, 549, pp. 170-178

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    Laprune D., Farrusseng D., Schuurman Y., Meunier F., Pieterse J., Steele A., Thorpe S.

    Effects of H2S and phenanthrene on the activity of Ni and Rh-based catalysts for the reforming of a simulated biomass-derived producer gas

    Applied catalysis b-environmental, 2018, 221, pp. 206-214

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    Zlotea C., Oumellal Y., Provost K., Morfin F., Piccolo L.

    Role of hydrogen absorption in supported Pd nanocatalysts during CO-PROX: Insights from operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy

    Applied catalysis b-environmental, 2018, 237, pp. 1059-1065