Recent scientifc publications

Scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals.

The 2005 and 2006 scientific publications are issued of IRC and LACE research work.

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    Olivier L., Haag S., Mirodatos C., Van Veen A. C.

    Oxidative coupling of methane using catalyst modified dense perovskite membrane reactors

    Catalysis Today, 2009, 142, pp. 34-41

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    Bui V. N., Toussaint G., Laurenti D., Mirodatos C., Geantet C.,

    Co-processing of pyrolisis bio oils and gas oil for new generation of bio-fuels: Hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol and SRGO mixed feed

    Catalysis Today, 2009, 143, pp. 172-178

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    Roche V., Hadjar A., Deloume J., Pagnier T., Revel R., Roux C., Siebert E., Vernoux P.

    Physicochemical Origins of Electrochemical Promotion of LSM/YSZ

    Catalysis Today, 2009, 146, pp. 266-273

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    de Lucas-Consuegra A., Dorado F., Jimenez-Borja C., Caravaca A., Vernoux P., Valverde J. L.

    Use of potassium conductors in the electrochemical promotion of environmental catalysis

    Catalysis Today, 2009, 146, pp. 293-298

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    Gaillard F., Li N.

    Electrochemical promotion of toluene combustion on an inexpensive metallic catalyst

    Catalysis Today, 2009, 146, pp. 345-350

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    Chianelli R.R., Berhault G., Torres B.

    Unsupported Transition Metal Sulfide Catalysts: 100 Years of Science and Application

    Catalysis Today, 2009, 21, pp. 2668-2678

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    Design for hybrid titania nanocrystallites as supports for gold catalysts

    Chemical Communications, 2009, 21, pp. 3116-3118

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    Kinetics of starch oxidation using hydrogen peroxide as an environmentally friendly oxidant and an iron complex as a catalyst

    Chemical Engineering Journal, 2009, 154 (1-3), pp. 52-59

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    Gubanova E. L, Schuurman Y., Sadykov V. A., Mirodatos C., Van Veen A. C.

    Evaluation of kinetic models for the partial oxidation of methane to synthesis gas over a Pt/PrCeZrOx catalyst coated on a triangular monolith.

    Chemical Engineering Journal, 2009, 154, pp. 174-184

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    Bisson L., Boissière C., Nicole L., Grosso D., Jolivet J.P., Thomazeau C., Uzio D., Berhault G., Sanchez C.

    Formation of Palladium Nanostructures in a Seed-Mediated Synthesis through an Oriented Attachment Directed Aggregation

    Chemistry of Materials, 2009, 21, pp. 2668-2678

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    Bouarab R., Boudjemaa A., Trari M., Bennici S., Auroux A.

    Effect of support on the crystalline structure, the acid-base properties and activity of iron based systems in the CO + H2O reaction

    Comptes Rendus Chimie, 2009, 12, pp. 527-532

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    Daniel C.,Clarte M. O., Provendier H., Van Veen A. C., Schuurman Y., Beccard B., Mirodatos C.

    Spatially resolved operando infrared analysis of a microstructured catalytic surface for CO oxidation over Pt based catalysts

    Comptes Rendus Chimie, 2009, 12, pp. 647-653

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    Roukos C., Laurenti D., Devers E., Marchand K., Massin L., Vrinat M.

    Hydrodesulfurization catalysts: Promoters, promoting methods and support effect on catalytic activities

    Comptes Rendus Chimie, 2009, 12, pp. 683-691

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    Farrusseng D., Clerc F., Mirodatos C., Rakotomalala R.

    Virtual screening of materials using neuro-genetic approach: Concepts and implementation

    Computational Materials Science, 2009, 45, pp. 52-59

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    Mishra S., Daniele S., Petit S., Jeanneau E., Rolland M.

    Homoleptic gallium(III) and indium(III) aminoalkoxides as precursors for sol-gel routes to metal oxide nanomaterials

    Dalton Transactions, 2009, pp. 2569-2577

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    Mishra S., Jeanneau E., Ledoux G., Daniele S.

    Lanthanide complexes in hybrid halometallate materials: interconversion between a novel 2D microporous framework and a 1D zigzag chain structure of iodoargentates templated by octakis-solvated terbium(III) cation

    Dalton Transactions, 2009, pp. 4954-4961

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    Isci U., Afanasiev P., Millet J.M.M., Kudrik E.V., Ahsen V., Sorokin A.B.

    Preparation and characterization of mu-nitrido diiron phthalocyanines with electron-withdrawing substituents: application for catalytic aromatic oxidation

    Dalton Transactions, 2009, pp. 7410-7420

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    Afanasiev P., Bouchu D., Kudrik E. V., Millet J. M. M., Sorokin A. B.

    Stable N-bridged diiron (IV) phthalocyanine cation radical complexes: synthesis and properties

    Dalton Transactions, 2009, pp. 9828-9836

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    Postole G., Caldararu M. , Bonnetot B., Auroux A.

    Characterization of high surface area hexagonal boron nitride by in situ electrical conductivity

    Diamond and Related Materials, 2009, 18, pp. 1052-1056

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    VERNOUX P., GUTH, M., LI, X.

    Ionically Conducting Ceramics as Alternative Catalyst Supports

    Electrochemical and Solid State Letters, 2009, 12 (7), pp. E9-E11

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    Pinheiro A., Hudebine D., Dupassieux N., Geantet C.

    Impact of Oxygenated Compounds from Lignocellulosic Biomass Pyrolysis Oils on Gas Oil Hydrotreatment

    Energy Fuels, 2009, 23, pp. 1007-1014

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    Nicolas M., Ndour M., Ka O., D'Anna B., George C.

    Photochemistry of Atmospheric Dust: Ozone Decomposition on Illuminated Titanium Dioxide

    Environmental Science and Technology, 2009, 43, pp. 7437-7442

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    Oxidation of EDTA with H2O2 catalysed by metallophthalocyanines

    Environmental Technology, 2009, 30 (14), pp. 1593-1600

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    Huirache-Acuña R., Lumbreras J.A., Rivera-Muñoz E.M., Berhault G., Castillo-Mares A., Alonso-Nuñez G.

    Síntesis y Activación In Situ de Catalizadores de Hidrodesulfuración de Ni/Mo(W)S2 Utilizando como Precursores Tiometalatos de Ni/Hexametilenediamonio

    Foro de Ingenería e Investigación en Materiales, 2009, 6, pp. 97-102

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    Boutron O., Gouy V., Touze-Foltz N., Benoit P., Chovelon J. M., Margoum C.

    Geotextile fibres retention properties to prevent surface water nonpoint contamination by pesticides in agricultural areas

    Geotextiles and Geomembranes, 2009, 27, pp. 254-261