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Scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals.

The 2005 and 2006 scientific publications are issued of IRC and LACE research work.

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    Savonnet M., Aguado S., Ravon U., Bazer-Bachi D., Lecocq V., Bats N., Pinel C., Farrusseng D.

    Solvent free base catalysis and transesterifiation over basic functionalised Metal-Organic Frameworks

    Green Chemistry, 2009, 11, pp. 1729-1732

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    Xie L.L., Favre-Reguillon A., Wang X.X., Fu X.Z., Vrinat M., Lemaire M.

    Selective Extraction of Neutral Nitrogen-Containing Compounds from Straight-Run Diesel Feed Using Polymer-Supported Ionic Liquid Moieties

    Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2009, 48, pp. 3973-3977

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    Mishra S., Hubert-Pfalzgraf L.G., Daniele S., Rolland M., Jeanneau E., Jouguet B.

    Thermal dehydration of Y(TFA)(3)(H2O)(3): Synthesis and molecular structures of Y(mu, eta(1):eta(1)-TFA)(3)(THF)(H2O) (1 infinity) center dot THF and Y-4(mu(3)-OH)(4)(mu, eta(1):eta(1)-TFA)(6)(eta(1)-TFA) (eta(2)-TFA)(THF)(3)(DMSO)(H2O) center dot 6THF (TFA = trifluoroacetate)

    Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 2009, 12, pp. 97-100

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    Berhault G., Afanasiev P., Loboue H., Geantet C., Cseri T., Pichon C., Guillot-Deudon C., Lafond A.

    In Situ XRD, XAS, and Magnetic Susceptibility Study of the Reduction of Ammonium Nickel Phosphate NiNH4PO4 center dot H2O into Nickel Phosphide

    Inorganic Chemistry, 2009, 48, pp. 2985-2992

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    Gligorovski S., Rousse D., George C., Herrmann H.

    Rate Constants for the OH Reactions with Oxygenated Organic Compounds in Aqueous Solution

    International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, 2009, 41, pp. 309-326

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    Garron A., Swierczynski D., Bennici S., Auroux A.

    New insights into the mechanism of H2 generation through NaBH4 hydrolysis on Co-based nanocatalysts studied by differential reaction

    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2009, 34, pp. 1185-1199

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    Andrieux J., Swierczynski D., Laversenne L., Garron A., Bennici S., Goutaudier C., Miele P., Auroux A., Bonnetot B.

    A multifactor study of catalyzed hydrolysis of solid NaBH4 on cobalt nanoparticles: Thermodynamics and kinetics

    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2009, 34, pp. 938-951

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    Bodoardo S., Gerbaldi C., Meligrana G., Tuel A., Enzo S., Penazzi N.

    Optimisation of some parameters for the preparation of nanostructured LifePO(4)/C cathode

    Ionics, 2009, 15, pp. 19-26

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    Bezverkhyy I., Safonova O.V., Afanasiev P., Bellat J. P.

    Reaction between Thiophene and Ni Nanoparticles Supported on SiO2 or ZnO: In Situ Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Study

    J. Phys. Chem. C, 2009, 113, pp. 17064-17069

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    Huynh Q., Schuurman Y., Delichere R., Loridant S., Millet J.M.M.

    Study of Te and V as counter-cations in Keggin type phosphomolybdic polyoxometalate catalysts for isobutane oxidation

    Journal of Catalysis, 2009, 261, pp. 166-176

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    Valcarcel A., Morfin F., Piccolo L.

    Alkene hydrogenation on metal surfaces: Why and when are Pd overlayers more efficient catalysts than bulk Pd?

    Journal of Catalysis, 2009, 263, pp. 315-320

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    Huynh Q., Selmi A., Corbel G., Lacorre P., Millet J.M.M.

    Atypical synergetic effect between Te- and V-substituted phosphomolybdic cesium salt and LAMOX-type phases for the oxidation of isobutane into methacrylic acid

    Journal of Catalysis, 2009, 266, pp. 64-70

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    Safonova O.V., Florea M., Bilde J., Delichere P., Millet J.M.M.

    Local environment of vanadium in V/Al/O-mixed oxide catalyst for propane ammoxidation: Characterization by in situ valence-to-core X-ray emission spectroscopy and X-ray absorption spectroscopy

    Journal of Catalysis, 2009, 268, pp. 156-164

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    Quinet E., Piccolo L., Morfin F., Avenier P., Diehl F., Caps V., Rousset J.L.

    On the mechanism of hydrogen-promoted gold-catalyzed CO oxidation

    Journal of Catalysis, 2009, 268, pp. 384-389

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    Kochkar H., Turki A., Bergaoui L., Berhault G., Ghorbel A.

    Study of Pd(II) Adsorption over Titanate Nanotubes of Different Diameters

    Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2009, 331, pp. 27-31

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    New insights into the encapsulation and stabilization of heteropolyacids inside the pore walls of mesostructured silica materials

    Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2009, 19 (8), pp. 1142-1150

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    Jabou K., Kochkar H., Berhault G., Ghorbel A.

    Preparation and catalytic activity of nanostructured Pd catalysts supported on hydrogenotitanate nanotubes

    Journal of Materials Science, 2009, 44, pp. 6677-6682

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    Mesnager J., Kuntz E., Pinel C.

    Isolated-palladium complexes for catalyzed telomerization of butadiene with methanol in the presence of water Author(s): Mesnager, J (Mesnager, Julien)[ 1,2,3 ] ; Kuntz, E (Kuntz, Emile)[ 2,4 ] ; Pinel, C (Pinel, Catherine)[ 1,2 ] Source: JOURNAL OF ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY, 2009, 694, 2513-2518

    Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 2009, 694, pp. 2513-2518

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    Afanasiev P., Jobic H., Lorentz C., Leverd P., Mastubayashi N., Piccolo L., Vrinat M.

    Low-temperature hydrogen interaction with amorphous molybdenum sulfides MoSx

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009, 113 (10), p. 4139–4146

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    Kochkar H., Lakhdar N., Berhault G., Bausach M., Ghorbel A.

    Optimization of the Alkaline Hydrothermal Route to Titanate Nanotubes by a Doehlert Matrix Experience Design

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009, 113, pp. 1672-1679

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    Sano T., Puzenat E., Guillard C., Geantet C., Matsuzawa S., Negishi N.

    Improvement of Photocatalytic Degradation Activity of Visible-Light-Responsive TiO2 by Aid of Ultraviolet-Light Pretreatment

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009, 113, pp. 5535-5540

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    Gold Nanoparticles Supported on Passivated Silica: Access to an Efficient Aerobic Epoxidation Catalyst and the Intrinsic Oxidation Activity of Gold

    Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2009, 131, p. 14667

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    Farrusseng D., Daniel C., Gaudillere C., Ravon U., Schuurman Y., Mirodatos C., Dubbeldam D., Frost H., Snurr R.Q.

    Heats of Adsorption for Seven Gases in Three Metal-Organic Frameworks: Systematic Comparison of Experiment and Simulation

    Langmuir, 2009, 25, pp. 7383-7388

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    Reply to the 'Comment on 'Molten salt synthesis of barium molybdate and tungstate microcrystals"

    Materials Letters, 2009, 63, pp. 162-164

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    Dragoi B., Dumitriu E., Guimon C., Auroux A.

    Acidic and adsorptive properties of SBA-15 modified by aluminum incorporation

    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2009, 121, pp. 7-17