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Scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals.

The 2005 and 2006 scientific publications are issued of IRC and LACE research work.

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    Zhou L., Wang Q., Zhang Y., Ji Y. F., Yang X.

    Aquatic photolysis of beta 2-agonist salbutamol: kinetics and mechanism studies

    Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2017, 24, pp. 5544-5553

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    Zhai P.P., Chen X., Dong W.B., Li H.J., Chovelon J.M.

    Degradation of triclosan in the presence of p-aminobenzoic acid under simulated sunlight irradiation

    Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2017, 24, pp. 558-567

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    Bruggemann M, Hayeck N, Bonnineau C, Pesce S, Alpert P, Perrier S, Zuth C, Hoffmann T, Chen J, George C

    Interfacial photochemistry of biogenic surfactants: a major source of abiotic volatile organic compounds

    Faraday discussions, 2017, 200, pp. 59-74

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    Gueudre L., Chapon F., Mirodatos C., Schuurman Y., Venderbosch R., Jordan E., Wellach S., Gutierrez R. M.

    Optimizing the bio-gasoline quantity and quality in fluid catalytic cracking co-refining

    Fuel, 2017, 192, pp. 60-70

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    Lutoshkin M, Kuznetsov B, Levdansky V

    Spectrophotometric and quantum-chemical study of acid-base and complexing properties of (+/-)-taxifolin in aqueous solution

    Heterocyclic communications, 2017, 23, pp. 395-400

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    Nguyen M, Pirngruber G, Chainet F, Tayakout-fayolle M, Geantet C

    Indole Hydrodenitrogenation over Alumina and Silica Alumina-Supported Sulfide Catalysts Comparison with Quinoline

    Industrial & engineering chemistry research, 2017, 56, pp. 11088-11099

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    Luneau M, Gianotti E, Guilhaume N, Landrivon E, Meunier F, Mirodatos C, Schuurman Y

    Experiments and Modeling of Methane Autothermal Reforming over Structured Ni-Rh-Based Si-SiC Foam Catalysts

    Industrial & engineering chemistry research, 2017, 56, pp. 13166-13175

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    Derrien E, Mounguengui-diallo M, Perret N, Marion P, Pinel C, Besson M

    Aerobic Oxidation of Glucose to Glucaric Acid under Alkaline-Free Conditions: Au-Based Bimetallic Catalysts and the Effect of Residues in a Hemicellulose Hydrolysate

    Industrial & engineering chemistry research, 2017, 56, pp. 13176-13190

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    Fongarland P., Essayem N., Rataboul F.

    Noncatalyzed liquefaction of celluloses in hydrothermal conditions: influence of reactant physicochemical characteristics and modeling studies

    Industrial and engineering chemistry research, 2017, 56, pp. 126-134

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    Mueller P, Wisser F, Freund P, Bon V, Senkovska I, Kaskel S

    Optical Sensors Using Solvatochromic Metal Organic Frameworks

    Inorganic chemistry, 2017, 56, pp. 14164-14169

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    Qureshi Z. S., Hamieh A., Barman S., Maity N., Samantaray M. K., Ould-Chikh S., Abou-hamad E., Falivene L., D'Elia V., Rothenberger A., Llorens I., Hazemann J. L., Basset J. M.

    SOMC-designed silica supported tungsten oxo imidazolin-2-iminato methyl precatalyst for olefin metathesis reactions

    Inorganic Chemistry, 2017, 56, pp. 861-871

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    Jabbari-Hichri A., Auroux A., Bennici S.

    Effect of NaOH addition on the thermochemical heat storage capacity of nanoporous molecular sieves

    International Journal of Energy Research, 2017, 41, pp. 1134-1149

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    Camacho Y, Bensaid S, Lorentzou S, Vlachos N, Pantoleontos G, Konstandopoulos A, Luneau M, Meunier F, Guilhaume N, Schuurman Y, Werzner E, Herrmann A, Rau F, Krause H, Rezaei E, Ortona A, Gianella S, Khinslzy A, Antonini M, Marchisio L, Vilardo F, Trimis D, Fino D

    Development of a robust and efficient biogas processor for hydrogen production. Part 1: Modelling and simulation

    International journal of hydrogen energy, 2017, 42, pp. 22841-22855

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    Atli A., Simon S., Aires F., Cardenas L., Ehret E., Lourdin P.

    A new strategy to activate liquid crystal polymer samples for electroless copper deposition

    Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2017, 134, p.

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    Buniazet Z., Couble J., Bianchi D., Rivallan M., Cabiac A., Maury S., Loridant S.

    Unravelling water effects on solid acid catalysts: Case study of TiO2/SiO2 as a catalyst for the dehydration of isobutanol

    Journal of Catalysis, 2017, 348, pp. 125-134

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    Couble J, Bianchi D

    Experimental microkinetic approach of the CO/H-2 reaction on Pt/Al2O3 using the Temkin formalism. 1. Competitive chemisorption between adsorbed CO and hydrogen species in the absence of reaction

    Journal of catalysis, 2017, 352, pp. 672-685

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    Couble J, Bianchi D

    Experimental microkinetic approach of the CO/H-2 reaction on Pt/Al2O3 using the Temkin formalism. 2. Coverages of the adsorbed CO and hydrogen species during the reaction and rate of the CH4 production

    Journal of catalysis, 2017, 352, pp. 686-698

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    Lopez-benitez A, Berhault G, Burel L, Guevara-lara A

    Novel NiW hydrodesulfurization catalysts supported on Sol-Gel Mn-Al2O3

    Journal of catalysis, 2017, 354, pp. 197-212

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    Veillette M., Giroir-Fendler A., Faucheux N., Heitz M.

    A biodiesel production process catalyzed by the leaching of alkaline metal earths in methanol: from a model oil to microalgae lipids

    Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 2017, 92, pp. 1094-1103

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    Diaz J., Skrzynska E., Zaid S., Girardon J., Capron M., Dumeignil F., Fongarland P.

    Kinetic modelling of the glycerol oxidation in the liquid phase: comparison of Pt, Au and Ag AS active phases

    Journal of chemical technology and biotechnology, 2017, 92, pp. 2267-2275

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    Lutoshkin M., Kazachenko A.

    Assessment of various density functionals and solvation models to describe acid-base, spectral and complexing properties of thiobarbituric and barbituric acids in aqueous solution

    Journal of computational methods in sciences and engineering, 2017, 17, pp. 851-863

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    Wang X, Hayeck N, Brueggemann M, Yao L, Chen H, Zhang C, Emmelin C, Chen J, George C, Wang L

    Chemical Characteristics of Organic Aerosols in Shanghai: A Study by Ultrahigh-Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled With Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry

    Journal of geophysical research-atmospheres, 2017, 122, pp. 11703-11722

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    Konuspayeva Z, Berhault G, Afanasiev P, Nguyen T, Giorgio S, Piccolo L

    Monitoring in situ the colloidal synthesis of AuRh/TiO2 selective-hydrogenation nanocatalysts

    Journal of materials chemistry a, 2017, 5, pp. 17360-17367

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    Veselska O, Okhrimenko L, Guillou N, Podbevsek D, Ledoux G, Dujardin C, Monge M, Chevrier D, Yang R, Zhang P, Fateeva A, Demessence A

    An intrinsic dual-emitting gold thiolate coordination polymer, [Au( plus I)(p-SPhCO2H)](n), for ratiometric temperature sensing

    Journal of materials chemistry c, 2017, 5, pp. 9843-9848

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    Roiban L., Li S., Aouine M., Tuel A., Farrusseng D., Epicier T.

    Fast ‘ Operando ’ electron nanotomography

    Journal of microscopy, 2017, p.