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Scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals.

The 2005 and 2006 scientific publications are issued of IRC and LACE research work.

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    Sapountzi F., Zhao C., Boreave A., Retailleau-mevel L., Niakolas D., Neofytidis C., Vernoux P.

    Sulphur tolerance of Au-modified Ni/GDC during catalytic methane steam reforming

    Catalysis science & technology, 2018, 8, pp. 1578-1588

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    Morfin F., Blondeau L., Provost K., Malouche A., Piccolo L., Zlotea C.

    Absorbed hydrogen enhances the catalytic hydrogenation activity of Rh-based nanocatalysts

    Catalysis science & technology, 2018, 8, pp. 2707-2715

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    Viola A., Peron J., Kazmierczak K., Giraud M., Michel C., Sicard L., Perret N., Beaunier P., Sicard M., Besson M., Piquemal J.

    Unsupported shaped cobalt nanoparticles as efficient and recyclable catalysts for the solvent-free acceptorless dehydrogenation of alcohols

    Catalysis science & technology, 2018, 8, pp. 562-572

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    Lorito D, Li H, Travert A, Mauge F, Meunier F, Schuurman Y, Mirodatos C

    Understanding deactivation processes during bio-syngas methanation: DRIFTS and SSITKA experiments and kinetic modeling over Ni/Al2O3 catalysts

    Catalysis today, 2018, 299, pp. 172-182

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    Florea M., Matei-rutkovska F., Postole G., Urda A., Neatu F., Parvulescu V., Gelin P.

    Doped ceria prepared by precipitation route for steam reforming of methane

    Catalysis today, 2018, 306, pp. 166-171

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    Vu tung lam tran ?., Gelin P., Ferronato C., Fine L., Chovelon J., Postole G.

    Exploring the potential of infrared spectroscopy on the study of the adsorption/desorption of siloxanes for biogas purification

    Catalysis today, 2018, 306, pp. 191-198

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    Kuznetsov B., Chesnokov N., Sudakova I., Garyntseva N., Kuznetsova S., Malyar Y., Yakovlev V., Djakovitch L.

    Green catalytic processing of native and organosolv lignins

    Catalysis today, 2018, 309, pp. 18-30

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    Poovarawan N., Suriye K., Panpranot J., Limsangkass W., Guntida A., Aires F., Praserthdam P.

    Second metals (Lanthanum, Cerium, and Yttrium) modified W/SiO2 catalysts for metathesis of ethylene and 2-butene

    Catalysis today, 2018, 309, pp. 43-50

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    Wisser F., Mohr Y., Quadrelli E., Farrusseng D., Canivet J.

    Microporous Polymers as Macroligands for Pentamethylcyclopentadienylrhodium Transfer-Hydrogenation Catalysts

    Chemcatchem, 2018, 10, pp. 1778-1782

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    Zhou Lei,Richard Claire,Ferronato Corinne,Chovelon Jean-Marc,Sleiman Mohamad,

    Investigating the performance of biomass-derived biochars for the removal of gaseous ozone, adsorbed nitrate and aqueous bisphenol A

    Chemical engineering journal, 2018, 334, pp. 2098 - 2104

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    Zhou L., Cao H., Descorme C., Zhao H., Xie Y.

    Wet air oxidation of indole, benzopyrazole, and benzotriazole: Effects of operating conditions and reaction mechanisms

    Chemical engineering journal, 2018, 338, pp. 496-503

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    Mirodatos C., Van veen A., Pokrovskaya S., Chumakova N., Sazonova N., Sadykov V.

    Modeling of transient studies on the reaction kinetics over catalysts with lattice oxygen mobility: Dry reforming of CH4 over a Pt/PrCeZrO catalyst

    Chemical engineering journal, 2018, 343, pp. 530-543

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    Veselska O, Demessence A

    d(10) coinage metal organic chalcogenolates: From oligomers to coordination polymers

    Coordination chemistry reviews, 2018, 355, pp. 240-270

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    Prates A., Pagis C., Meunier F., Burel L., Epicier T., Roiban L., Koneti S., Bats N., Farrusseng D., Tuelt A.

    Hollow Beta Zeolite Single Crystals for the Design of Selective Catalysts

    Crystal growth & design, 2018, 18, pp. 592-596

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    Tai nguyen N., Nelayah J., Afanasiev P., Piccolo L., Alloyeau D., Ricolleau C.

    Structural Properties of Catalytically Active Bimetallic Gold-Palladium Nanoparticles Synthesized on Rutile Titania Nanorods by Pulsed Laser Deposition

    Crystal growth & design, 2018, 18, pp. 68-76

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    Pagis C., Prates A., Bats N., Tuel A., Farrusseng D.

    High-silica hollow Y zeolite by selective desilication of dealuminated NaY crystals in the presence of protective Al species

    Crystengcomm, 2018, 20, pp. 1564-1572

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    Deza A., Meunier F.

    Preface: Linear optimization

    Discrete applied mathematics, 2018, p.

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    R'mili B., Boreave A., Meme A., Vernoux P., Leblanc M., Noel L., Raux S., D'anna B.

    Physico-Chemical Characterization of Fine and Ultrafine Particles Emitted during Diesel Particulate Filter Active Regeneration of Euro5 Diesel Vehicles

    Environmental science & technology, 2018, 52, pp. 3312-3319

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    De haan D., Tapavicza E., Riva M., Cui T., Surratt J., Smith A., Jordan M., Nilakantan S., Almodovar M., Stewart T., De loera A., De haan A., Cazaunau M., Gratien A., Pangui E., Doussin J.

    Nitrogen-Containing, Light-Absorbing Oligomers Produced in Aerosol Particles Exposed to Methylglyoxal, Photolysis, and Cloud Cycling

    Environmental science & technology, 2018, 52, pp. 4061-4071

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    Ponczek M., George C.

    Kinetics and Product Formation during the Photooxidation of Butanol on Atmospheric Mineral Dust

    Environmental science & technology, 2018, 52, pp. 5191-5198

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    Ismail L., Ferronato C., Fine L., Jaber F., Chovelon J.

    Effect of water constituents on the degradation of sulfaclozine in the three systems: UV/TiO2, UV/K2S2O8, and UV/TiO2/K2S2O8

    Environmental science and pollution research, 2018, 25, pp. 2651-2663

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    Borah S., Mishra S., Cardenas L., Gogoi N.

    Pd Nanoparticles Dispersed on Zr-IV Organophosphonate: A Robust and Reusable Catalyst for Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reactions

    European journal of inorganic chemistry, 2018, pp. 751-758

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    Gao P., Song Y., Wang S., Descorme C., Yang S.

    Fe2O3-CeO2-Bi2O3/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst in the catalytic wet air oxidation (CWAO) of cationic red GTL under mild reaction conditions

    Frontiers of environmental science & engineering, 2018, 12, p.

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    Zhou L., Cao H., Descorme C., Xie Y.

    Phenolic compounds removal by wet air oxidation based processes

    Frontiers of environmental science & engineering, 2018, 12, p.

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    Borghol I., Queffelec C., Bolle P., Descamps J., Lombard C., Lepine O., Kucma D., Lorentz C., Laurenti D., Montouillout V., Chailleux E., Bujoli B.

    Biosourced analogs of elastomer-containing bitumen through hydrothermal liquefaction of Spirulina sp microalgae residues

    Green chemistry, 2018, 20, pp. 2337-2344