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Scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals.

The 2005 and 2006 scientific publications are issued of IRC and LACE research work.

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    Frizon V., Bassat J., Pollet M., Durand E., Hernandez J., Pajot K., Vernoux P., Demourgues A.

    Tuning the Pr Valence State To Design High Oxygen Mobility, Redox and Transport Properties in the CeO2-ZrO2-PrOx Phase Diagram

    Journal of physical chemistry c, 2019, 123, pp. 6351-6362

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    Afanasiev P., Lorentz C.

    Oxidation of Nanodispersed MoS2 in Ambient Air: The Products and the Mechanistic Steps

    Journal of physical chemistry c, 2019, 123, pp. 7486-7494

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    Cailler L., Martynov A., Gorbunova Y., Tsivadze A., Sorokin A.

    Carbene insertion to N-H bonds of 2-aminothiazole and 2-amino-1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives catalyzed by iron phthalocyanine

    Journal of porphyrins and phthalocyanines, 2019, 23, pp. 497-506

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    Lutoshkin M., Petrov A., Kuznetsov B., Kazachenko A.

    Aqueous Complexation of Morin and Its Sulfonate Derivative with Lanthanum(III) and Trivalent Lanthanides

    Journal of solution chemistry, 2019, 48, pp. 676-688

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    Meira D., Monte M., Fernandez-garcia M., Meunier F., Mathon O., Pascarelli S., Agostini G.

    A flexible cell for in situ combined XAS-DRIFTS-MS experiments

    Journal of synchrotron radiation, 2019, 26, pp. 801-810

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    Fessi N., Nsib M., Chevalier Y., Guillard C., Dappozze F., Houas A., Palmisano L., Parrino F.

    Photocatalytic Degradation Enhancement in Pickering Emulsions Stabilized by Solid Particles of Bare TiO2

    Langmuir, 2019, 35, pp. 2129-2136

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    Kudrik E., Nefedov S., Sorokin A.

    Supramolecular Iron(III) Tetramesitylporphyrin Cluster Structure Assembled by Hydrogen Bonding with Sulfuric Acid

    Macroheterocycles, 2019, 12, pp. 29-34

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    Dessal C., Sangnier A., Chizallet C., Dujardin C., Morfin F., Rousset J., Aouine M., Bugnet M., Afanasiev P., Piccolo L.

    Atmosphere-dependent stability and mobility of catalytic Pt single atoms and clusters on gamma-Al2O3

    Nanoscale, 2019, 11, pp. 6897-6904

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    Mounguengui-diallo M., Sadier A., Perez D., Nikitine C., Puchot L., Habibi Y., Pinel C., Perret N., Besson M.

    Aerobic oxidation of C-4-C-6 alpha,omega-diols to the diacids in base-free medium over zirconia-supported (bi)metallic catalysts

    New journal of chemistry, 2019, 43, pp. 9873-9885

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    Riva M., Heikkinen L., Bell D., Perakyla O., Zha Q., Schallhart S., Rissanen M., Imre D., Petaja T., Thornton J., Zelenyuk A., Ehn M.

    Chemical transformations in monoterpene-derived organic aerosol enhanced by inorganic composition

    Npj climate and atmospheric science, 2019, 2, p.

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    Pagis C., Bouchy C., Dodin M., Franco R., Farrusseng D., Tuel A.

    Hollow Y zeolite single crystals: synthesis, characterization and activity in the hydroisomerization of n-hexadecane

    Oil & gas science and technology-revue d ifp energies nouvelles, 2019, 74, p.

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    Girard V., Chiche D., Baudot A., Bazer-bachi D., Lemaitre L., Moizan-basle V., Rochet A., Briois V., Geantet C.

    In situ QXAS study of sulfidation/oxidative regeneration reactions of zinc molybdate (ZnMoO4) and ZnO-MoO3 materials

    Physical chemistry chemical physics, 2019, 21, pp. 8569-8579

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    Huchede M., Gu Q., Gauthier G., Belliere-baca V., Michel C., Millet J.

    New process for producing butane-2,3-dione by oxidative dehydrogenation of 3-hydroxybutanone

    Reaction chemistry & engineering, 2019, 4, pp. 932-938

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    Kuznetsov B., Sudakova I., Garyntseva N., Kondrasenko A., Pestunov A., Djakovitch L., Pinel C.

    Catalytic peroxide fractionation processes for the green biorefinery of wood

    Reaction kinetics mechanisms and catalysis, 2019, 126, pp. 717-735

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    Arrahli A., Kherbeche A., Bianchi D.

    Surface reconstruction of Pt-Sn nanoparticles supported on Al2O3 in the presence of carbon monoxide

    Research on chemical intermediates, 2019, 45, pp. 1421-1436

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    Pizzoccaro-zilamy M., Pina S., Rebiere B., Daniel C., Farrusseng D., Drobek M., Silly G., Julbe A., Guerrero G.

    Controlled grafting of dialkylphosphonate-based ionic liquids on gamma-alumina: design of hybrid materials with high potential for CO2 separation applications

    Rsc advances, 2019, 9, pp. 19882-19894

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    Cheng S., Li S., Tsona N., George C., Du L.

    Alterations in the surface properties of sea spray aerosols introduced by the presence of sterols

    Science of the total environment, 2019, 671, pp. 1161-1169

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    Petaud G., Gil S., Fendler A.

    Cu SAPO 34 One Pot Hydrothermal Preparation Method for Particular Copper Configuration

    Topics in catalysis, 2019, 62, pp. 63-71

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    Kobielska P., Telford R., Rowlandson J., Tian M., Shahin Z., Demessence A., Ting V., Nayak S.

    Polynuclear Complexes as Precursor Templates for Hierarchical Microporous Graphitic Carbon: An Unusual Approach

    Acs applied materials & interfaces, 2018, 10, pp. 25967-25971

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    Wisser F., Berruyer P., Cardenas L., Mohr Y., Quadrelli E., Lesage A., Farrusseng D., Canivet J.

    Hammett Parameter in Microporous Solids as Macroligands for Heterogenized Photocatalysts

    Acs catalysis, 2018, 8, pp. 1653-1661

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    Zadick A., Petit J., Martin V., Dubau L., Demirci U., Geantet C., Chatenet M.

    Ubiquitous Borane Fuel Electrooxidation on Pd/C and Pt/C Electrocatalysts: Toward Promising Direct Hydrazine-Borane Fuel Cells

    Acs catalysis, 2018, 8, pp. 3150-3163

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    Gaenzler A., Casapu M., Maurer F., Stoermer H., Gerthsen D., Ferre G., Vernaux P., Bornmann B., Frahm R., Murzin V., Nachtegaal M., Votsmeier M., Grunwaldt J.

    Tuning the Pt/CeO2 Interface by in Situ Variation of the Pt Particle Size

    Acs catalysis, 2018, 8, pp. 4800-4811

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    Gutierrez-acebo E., Leroux C., Chizallet C., Schuurman Y., Bouchy C.

    Metal/Acid Bifunctional Catalysis and Intimacy Criterion for Ethylcyclohexane Hydroconversion: When Proximity Does Not Matter

    Acs catalysis, 2018, 8, pp. 6035-6046

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    Riviere M., Perret N., Delcroix D., Cabiac A., Pinel C., Besson M.

    Solvent Effect in Hydrogenolysis of Xylitol over Bifunctional Ru/MnO/C Catalysts under Alkaline-Free Conditions

    Acs sustainable chemistry & engineering, 2018, 6, pp. 4076-4085

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    Frossard A., Li W., Gerard V., Noziere B., Cohen R.

    Influence of surfactants on growth of individual aqueous coarse mode aerosol particles

    Aerosol science and technology, 2018, 52, pp. 459-469