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Scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals.

The 2005 and 2006 scientific publications are issued of IRC and LACE research work.

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    Gutierrez-acebo E., Rey J., Bouchy C., Schuurman Y., Chizallet C.

    Location of the Active Sites for Ethylcyclohexane Hydroisomerization by Ring Contraction and Expansion in the EUO Zeolitic Framework

    Acs catalysis, 2019, 9, pp. 1692-1704

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    Saint-lager M., Languille M., Aires F., Bailly A., Garaudee S., Ehret E., Robachi O.

    Carbon Monoxide Oxidation Promoted by a Highly Active Strained PdO Layer at the Surface of Au30Pd70(110)

    Acs catalysis, 2019, 9, pp. 4448-4461

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    Claudel F., Dubau L., Berthome G., Sola-hernandez L., Beauger C., Piccolo L., Maillard F.

    Degradation Mechanisms of Oxygen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalysts: A Combined Identical-Location Transmission Electron Microscopy and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study

    Acs catalysis, 2019, 9, pp. 4688-4698

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    Dessal C., Len T., Morfin F., Rousset J., Aouine M., Afanasiev P., Piccolo L.

    Dynamics of Single Pt Atoms on Alumina during CO Oxidation Monitored by Operando X-ray and Infrared Spectroscopies

    Acs catalysis, 2019, 9, pp. 5752-5759

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    Lopez-benitez A., Guevara-lara A., Berhault G.

    Nickel-Containing Polyoxotungstates Based on [PW9O34](9-) and [PW10O39](13-) Keggin Lacunary Anions Supported on Al2O3 for Dibenzothiophene Hydrodesulfurization Application

    Acs catalysis, 2019, 9, pp. 6711-6727

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    De haan D., Pajunoja A., Hawkins L., Welsh H., Jimenez N., De loera A., Zauscher M., Andretta A., Joyce B., De haan A., Riva M., Cui T., Surratt J., Cazaunau M., Formenti P., Gratien A., Pangui E., Doussin J.

    Methylamine's Effects on Methylglyoxal-Containing Aerosol: Chemical, Physical, and Optical Changes

    Acs earth and space chemistry, 2019, 3, pp. 1706-1716

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    Bianco A., Riva M., Baray J., Ribeiro M., Chaumerliac N., George C., Bridoux M., Deguillaume L.

    Chemical Characterization of Cloudwater Collected at Puy de Dome by FT-ICR MS Reveals the Presence of SOA Components

    Acs earth and space chemistry, 2019, 3, pp. 2076-2087

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    Roveretto M., Li M., Hayeck N., Bruggemann M., Emmelin C., Perrier S., George C.

    Real-Time Detection of Gas-Phase Organohalogens from Aqueous Photochemistry Using Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry

    Acs earth and space chemistry, 2019, 3, pp. 329-334

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    Cheng S., Li S., Tsona N., George C., Du L.

    Insights into the Headgroup and Chain Length Dependence of Surface Characteristics of Organic-Coated Sea Spray Aerosols

    Acs earth and space chemistry, 2019, 3, pp. 571-580

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    Fleming L., Ali N., Blair S., Royeretto M., George C., Nizkorodov S.

    Formation of Light-Absorbing Organosulfates during Evaporation of Secondary Organic Material Extracts in the Presence of Sulfuric Acid

    Acs earth and space chemistry, 2019, 3, pp. 947-957

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    Chmielewski A., Meng J., Zhu B., Gao Y., Guesmi H., Prunier H., Alloyeau D., Wang G., Louis C., Delannoy L., Afanasiev P., Ricolleau C., Nelayah J.

    Reshaping Dynamics of Gold Nanoparticles under H-2 and O-2 at Atmospheric Pressure

    Acs nano, 2019, 13, pp. 2024-2033

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    Mishra S., Morfin F., Mendez V., Swamy P., Rousset J., Daniele S.

    Nanometric NaYF4 as an Unconventional Support for Gold Catalysts for Oxidation Reactions

    Acs omega, 2019, 4, pp. 5852-5861

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    Will P., Schmidt M., Eckhardt K., Wisser F., Lenk S., Grothe J., Kaskel S., Reineke S.

    Efficiency of Light Outcoupling Structures in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes: 2D TiO2 Array as a Model System

    Advanced functional materials, 2019, 29, p.

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    Riva M., Ehn M., Li D., Tomaz S., Bourgain F., Perrier S., George C.

    CI-Orbitrap: An Analytical Instrument To Study Atmospheric Reactive Organic Species

    Analytical chemistry, 2019, 91, pp. 9419-9423

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    Noziere B., Vereecken L.

    Direct Observation of Aliphatic Peroxy Radical Autoxidation and Water Effects: An Experimental and Theoretical Study

    Angewandte chemie-international edition, 2019, p.

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    Atwi R., Tuel A., Maffre M., Burel L., Rousset J., Meunier F.

    Highly dispersed Au, Ag and Au-Ag alloy nanoparticles encapsulated in single crystal multi-hollow silicalite-1

    Applied catalysis a-general, 2019, 569, pp. 86-92

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    Abou hamdan M., Loridant S., Jahjah M., Pinel C., Perret N.

    TiO2-supported molybdenum carbide: An active catalyst for the aqueous phase hydrogenation of succinic acid

    Applied catalysis a-general, 2019, 571, pp. 71-81

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    Ngoc-quynh bui ?., Geantet C., Berhault G.

    Activation of regenerated CoMo/Al2O3 hydrotreating catalysts by organic additives - The particular case of maleic acid

    Applied catalysis a-general, 2019, 572, pp. 185-196

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    Sadier A., Perret N., Perez D., Besson M., Pinel C.

    Effect of carbon chain length on catalytic C-O bond cleavage of polyols over Rh-ReOx/ZrO2 in aqueous phase

    Applied catalysis a-general, 2019, 586, p.

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    Serve A., Boreave A., Cartoixa B., Pajot K., Vernoux P.

    Synergy between Ag nanoparticles and yttria-stabilized zirconia for soot oxidation

    Applied catalysis b-environmental, 2019, 242, pp. 140-149

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    Buniazet Z., Cabiac A., Maury S., Bianch D., Loridant S.

    Unexpected selectivity of ferrierite for the conversion of isobutanol to linear butenes and water effects

    Applied catalysis b-environmental, 2019, 243, pp. 594-603

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    Holm A., Hamandi M., Simonet F., Jouguet B., Dappozze F., Guillard C.

    Impact of rutile and anatase phase on the photocatalytic decomposition of lactic acid

    Applied catalysis b-environmental, 2019, 253, pp. 96-104

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    Pu J., Thanh-son nguyen ?., Leclerc E., Lorentz C., Laurenti D., Pitault I., Tayakout-fayolle M., Geantet C.

    Lignin catalytic hydroconversion in a semi-continuous reactor: An experimental study

    Applied catalysis b-environmental, 2019, 256, p.

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    Xu H., Chen B., Tan P., Xuan J., Maroto-valer M., Farrusseng D., Sun Q., Ni M.

    Modeling of all-porous solid oxide fuel cells with a focus on the electrolyte porosity design

    Applied energy, 2019, 235, pp. 602-611

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    Bhattacharyya B., Biswas J., Mishra S., Gogoi N.

    Rapid Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reaction catalyzed by zirconium carboxyphosphonate supported mixed valent Pd(0)/Pd(II) catalyst

    Applied organometallic chemistry, 2019, 33, p.