Recent dissertations.

The 2005 and 2006 dissertations are issued of IRC and LACE researches.

  • Rameau Nelly - thursday 09 october 2014

    Synthèse de molécules bio-actives par couplage décarboxylant

  • Ji Yuefei - monday 19 may 2014

    Photochemical and photocatalytic degradation of Pharmaceutical and Care products (PPCPs) in aqueous solution.: A case study of atenolol and 2-phenybenzimidazole-5sulfonic acid

  • Benchenaa Imane - monday 28 april 2014

    contribution of surfaces analysis and photocatalytic properties to the understanding of the interactions between physico-chemical properties of surface and photocatalytic efficiency of flexible materials for the building modified by sol-gel method

  • Zhang Chuanhui - monday 31 march 2014

    The Catalytic Oxidation of Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compounds Over Pervoskite-type Catalysts