Recent dissertations.

The 2005 and 2006 dissertations are issued of IRC and LACE researches.

  • Bijou Diane - friday 20 july 2018

    synthesis and characterization of novel inorganic molecular precursors for multifunctional metal oxide deposits by cbvd (chemical beam vapor deposition)

  • Zhang Chuanhui - monday 31 march 2014

    The Catalytic Oxidation of Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compounds Over Pervoskite-type Catalysts

  • Buniazet Zoe - thursday 10 november 2016

    Toward better knowledge of acido-base properties of catalysts in the presence of water: applications to dehydration of bio-alcohols into olefins

  • Soussi Khaled - friday 27 january 2017

    Vapor-phase elaboration of supported intermetallic nanocatalysts containing non-precious metals for the selective hydrogenation of acetylene