Diffractomètre Bruker D5005 (détail)

Diffractomètre Bruker D5005 (détail)


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    Blanco E., Lorentz C., Delichere P., Burel L., Vrinat M., Millet J. M. M., Loridant S.

    Dehydration of ethyl lactate over alkaline earth phosphates: Performances, effect of water on reaction pathways and active sites

    Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2016, 180, pp. 596-606

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    Joffres B., Nguyen M. T., Laurenti D., Lorentz C., Souchon V., Charon N., Daudin A., Qignard A., Geantet C.

    Lignin hydroconversion on MoS2-based supported catalyst: Comprehensive analysis of products and reaction scheme

    Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2016, 184, pp. 153-162

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    Blanco E., Di Felice L., Catherin N., Piccolo L., Laurenti D., Lorentz C., Geantet C., Calemma V.

    Understanding the mechanisms of decalin hydroprocessing using comprehensive two-dimensional chromatography

    Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2016, 55 (49), p. 12516–12523

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    Trevisanut C., Vozniuk O., Mari M., Urrea S. Y. A., Lorentz C., Millet J. M. M., Cavani F.

    The chemical-loop reforming of alcohols on spinel-type mixed oxides: comparing Ni, Co, and Fe ferrite vs magnetite performances

    Topics in Catalysis, 2016, 59, p. 1600–1613

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    Nguyen T. T. N., Ruaux V., Massin L., Lorentz C., Afanasiev P., Mauge F., Belliere-Baca V., Rey P., Millet J. M. M.

    Synthesis\, characterization and study of lanthanum phosphates as light alcohols dehydration catalysts

    Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2015, 166, pp. 432-444