Spectromètre LabRam HR UV-vis-NIR (détail)

Spectromètre LabRam HR UV-vis-NIR (détail)

Surface analysis: XPS and LEIS

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    Monpezat A., Couchaux G., Thomas V., Artheix A., Deliere L., Greau C., Topin S., Coasne B., Roiban L., Cardenas L., Farrusseng D.

    Effect of Chlorine-Containing VOCs on Silver Migration and Sintering in ZSM-5 Used in a TSA Process

    Catalysts, 2019, 9, p.

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    Larquet C., Anh-minh nguyen ?., Glais E., Paulatto L., Sassoye C., Selmane M., Lecante P., Maheu C., Geantet C., Cardenas L., Chaneac C., Gauzzi A., Sanchez C., Carenco S.

    Band Gap Engineering from Cation Balance: The Case of Lanthanide Oxysulfide Nanoparticles

    Chemistry of materials, 2019, 31, pp. 5014-5023

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    Maheu C., Puzenat E., Geantet C., Cardenas L., Afanasiev P.

    Titania - Supported transition metals sulfides as photocatalysts for hydrogen production from propan-2-ol and methanol

    International journal of hydrogen energy, 2019, 44, pp. 18038-18049

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    Tonelli M., Massin L., Cardenas L., Ivars-barcelo F., Baca V., Millet J.

    Cooperation between redox couples at the surface of molybdates based catalysts used for the selective oxidation of propene

    Journal of catalysis, 2019, 370, pp. 412-423

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    Wisser F., Berruyer P., Cardenas L., Mohr Y., Quadrelli E., Lesage A., Farrusseng D., Canivet J.

    Hammett Parameter in Microporous Solids as Macroligands for Heterogenized Photocatalysts

    Acs catalysis, 2018, 8, pp. 1653-1661

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    Borah S., Mishra S., Cardenas L., Gogoi N.

    Pd Nanoparticles Dispersed on Zr-IV Organophosphonate: A Robust and Reusable Catalyst for Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reactions

    European journal of inorganic chemistry, 2018, pp. 751-758

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    Moscu A., Theodoridi C., Cardenas L., Thieuleux C., Motta-meira D., Agostini G., Schuurman Y., Meunier F.

    CO dissociation on Pt-Sn nanoparticles triggers Sn oxidation and alloy segregation

    Journal of catalysis, 2018, 359, pp. 76-81

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    Maheu C., Cardenas L., Puzenat E., Afanasiev P., Geantet C.

    UPS and UV spectroscopies combined to position the energy levels of TiO2 anatase and rutile nanopowders

    Physical chemistry chemical physics, 2018, 20, pp. 25629-25637

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    Pischedda V., Radescu S., Dubois M., Batisse N., Balima F., Cavallari C., Cardenas L.

    Experimental and DFT high pressure study of fluorinated graphite (C2F)(n)

    Carbon, 2017, 114, pp. 690-699

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    Lions M., Tommasino J. B., Chattot R., Abeykoon B., Guillou N., Devic T., Demessence A., Cardenas L., Maillard F., Fateeva A.

    Insights into the mechanism of electrocatalysis of the oxygen reduction reaction by a porphyrinic metal organic framework

    Chemical Communications, 2017, 53, pp. 6496-6499

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    Atli A., Simon S., Aires F., Cardenas L., Ehret E., Lourdin P.

    A new strategy to activate liquid crystal polymer samples for electroless copper deposition

    Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2017, 134, p.

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    Vasseur G., Fagot-Révurat Y., Sicot M., Kierren B., Moreau L., Malterre D., Cardenas L., Galeotti G., Lipton-Duffin J., Rosei F., Di Giovannantonio Marco, Contini G., Le Fèvre Patrick, Bertran F., Liang L., Meunier V., Perepichka Dmitrii F.

    Quasi one-dimensional band dispersion and surface metallization in long-range ordered polymeric wires

    Nature Communications, 2016, 7, p. 10235

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    Nguyen T. T. N., Ruaux V., Massin L., Lorentz C., Afanasiev P., Mauge F., Belliere-Baca V., Rey P., Millet J. M. M.

    Synthesis\, characterization and study of lanthanum phosphates as light alcohols dehydration catalysts

    Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2015, 166, pp. 432-444

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    Postole G., Nguyen Thanh Son, Aouine M., Gelin P., Cardenas L., Piccolo L.

    Efficient hydrogen production from methane over iridium-doped ceria catalysts synthesized by solution combustion

    Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2015, 166, pp. 580-591

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    Rousseau G., Lavenn C., Cardenas L., Loridant S., Wang Y., Hahn U., Nierengarten J. F., Demessence A.

    One-pot synthesis of sub-3 nm gold nanoparticle networks connected by thio-based multidentate fullerene adducts

    Chemical Communications, 2015, 51, pp. 6730-6733

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    Nguyen T. S., Postole G., Loridant S., Bosselet F., Burel L., Aouine M., Massin L., Gelin P., Morfin F., Piccolo L.

    Ultrastable iridium-ceria nanopowders synthesized in one step by solution combustion for catalytic hydrogen production

    Journal of Materials Chemistry. A, 2014, 2, pp. 19822-19832