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    Gutierrez-acebo E., Rey J., Bouchy C., Schuurman Y., Chizallet C.

    Location of the Active Sites for Ethylcyclohexane Hydroisomerization by Ring Contraction and Expansion in the EUO Zeolitic Framework

    Acs catalysis, 2019, 9, pp. 1692-1704

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    Roveretto M., Li M., Hayeck N., Bruggemann M., Emmelin C., Perrier S., George C.

    Real-Time Detection of Gas-Phase Organohalogens from Aqueous Photochemistry Using Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry

    Acs earth and space chemistry, 2019, 3, pp. 329-334

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    Chmielewski A., Meng J., Zhu B., Gao Y., Guesmi H., Prunier H., Alloyeau D., Wang G., Louis C., Delannoy L., Afanasiev P., Ricolleau C., Nelayah J.

    Reshaping Dynamics of Gold Nanoparticles under H-2 and O-2 at Atmospheric Pressure

    Acs nano, 2019, 13, pp. 2024-2033

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    Mishra S., Morfin F., Mendez V., Swamy P., Rousset J., Daniele S.

    Nanometric NaYF4 as an Unconventional Support for Gold Catalysts for Oxidation Reactions

    Acs omega, 2019, 4, pp. 5852-5861

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    Atwi R., Tuel A., Maffre M., Burel L., Rousset J., Meunier F.

    Highly dispersed Au, Ag and Au-Ag alloy nanoparticles encapsulated in single crystal multi-hollow silicalite-1

    Applied catalysis a-general, 2019, 569, pp. 86-92

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    Abou hamdan M., Loridant S., Jahjah M., Pinel C., Perret N.

    TiO2-supported molybdenum carbide: An active catalyst for the aqueous phase hydrogenation of succinic acid

    Applied catalysis a-general, 2019, 571, pp. 71-81

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    Ngoc-quynh bui ?., Geantet C., Berhault G.

    Activation of regenerated CoMo/Al2O3 hydrotreating catalysts by organic additives - The particular case of maleic acid

    Applied catalysis a-general, 2019, 572, pp. 185-196

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    Serve A., Boreave A., Cartoixa B., Pajot K., Vernoux P.

    Synergy between Ag nanoparticles and yttria-stabilized zirconia for soot oxidation

    Applied catalysis b-environmental, 2019, 242, pp. 140-149

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    Buniazet Z., Cabiac A., Maury S., Bianch D., Loridant S.

    Unexpected selectivity of ferrierite for the conversion of isobutanol to linear butenes and water effects

    Applied catalysis b-environmental, 2019, 243, pp. 594-603

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    Xu H., Chen B., Tan P., Xuan J., Maroto-valer M., Farrusseng D., Sun Q., Ni M.

    Modeling of all-porous solid oxide fuel cells with a focus on the electrolyte porosity design

    Applied energy, 2019, 235, pp. 602-611

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    Stella P., Loubet B., De berranger C., Charrier X., Ceschia E., Gerosa G., Finco A., Lamaud E., Serca D., George C., Ciuraru R.

    Soil ozone deposition: Dependence of soil resistance to soil texture

    Atmospheric environment, 2019, 199, pp. 202-209

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    Riva M., Rantala P., Krechmer J., Perakyla O., Zhang Y., Heikkinen L., Garmash O., Yan C., Kulmala M., Worsnop D., Ehn M.

    Evaluating the performance of five different chemical ionization techniques for detecting gaseous oxygenated organic species

    Atmospheric measurement techniques, 2019, 12, pp. 2403-2421

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    Shahin Z., Ji H., Chiriac R., Essayem N., Rataboul F., Demessence A.

    Thermal control of the defunctionalization of supported Au-25(glutathione)(18) catalysts for benzyl alcohol oxidation

    Beilstein journal of nanotechnology, 2019, 10, pp. 228-237

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    Catherin N., Blanco E., Piccolo L., Laurenti D., Simonet F., Lorentz C., Leclerc E., Calemma V., Geantet C.

    Selective ring opening of decalin over bifunctional RuS2/zeolite catalysts

    Catalysis today, 2019, 323, pp. 105-111

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    Nguyen N., Matei-rutkovska F., Huchede M., Jaillardon K., Qingyi G., Michel C., Millet J.

    Production of 1,3-butadiene in one step catalytic dehydration of 2,3-butanediol

    Catalysis today, 2019, 323, pp. 62-68

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    Urmes C., Schweitzer J., Cabiac A., Schuurman Y.

    Kinetic Study of the Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene over Supported Palladium under Tail-End Conditions

    Catalysts, 2019, 9, p.

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    Sihaib Z., Puleo F., Pantaleo G., La parola V., Luis valverde J., Gil S., Liotta L., Giroir-fendler A.

    The Effect of Citric Acid Concentration on the Properties of LaMnO3 as a Catalyst for Hydrocarbon Oxidation

    Catalysts, 2019, 9, p.

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    Aneggi E., Llorca J., Trovarelli A., Aouine M., Vernoux P.

    In situ environmental HRTEM discloses low temperature carbon soot oxidation by ceria-zirconia at the nanoscale

    Chemical communications, 2019, 55, pp. 3876-3878

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    Prates A., Meunier F., Dodin M., Franco R., Farrusseng D., Tuel A.

    Hydrogenation Size-Selective Pt/Hollow Beta Catalysts

    Chemistry-a european journal, 2019, 25, pp. 2972-2977

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    Marcel R., Durillon T., Djakovitch L., Fache F., Rataboul F.

    First Example of the Use of Biosourced Alkyl Levulinates as Solvents for Synthetic Chemistry: Application to the Heterogeneously Catalyzed Heck Coupling

    Chemistryselect, 2019, 4, pp. 3329-3333

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    Caravaca A., Eunice garcia-lorefice W., Gil S., De lucas-consuegra A., Vernoux P.

    Towards a sustainable technology for H-2 production: Direct lignin electrolysis in a continuous-flow Polymer Electrolyte Membrane reactor

    Electrochemistry communications, 2019, 100, pp. 43-47

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    Minh-tuan nguyen ?., Pirngruber G., Albrieux F., Chainet F., Tayakout-fayolle M., Geantet C.

    How Does an Acidic Support Affect the Hydrotreatment of a Gas Oil with High Nitrogen Content?

    Energy & fuels, 2019, 33, pp. 1467-1472

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    Bossa N., Chaurand P., Levard C., Vicente J., Borschneck D., Geantet C., Aguerre-chariol O., Rose J.

    Mechanisms limiting the release of TiO2 nanomaterials during photocatalytic cement alteration: the role of surface charge and porous network morphology

    Environmental science-nano, 2019, 6, pp. 624-634

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    Kroitor A., Martynov A., Gorbunova Y., Tsivadze A., Sorokin A.

    Exploring the Optimal Synthetic Pathways towards mu-Carbido Diruthenium(IV) Bisphthalocyaninates

    European journal of inorganic chemistry, 2019, pp. 1923-1931

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    Alvarez P., Browning B., Jansen T., Lacroix M., Geantet C., Pitault I., Tayakout-fayolle M.

    Modeling of atmospheric and vacuum petroleum residue hydroconversion in a slurry semi-batch reactor: Study of hydrogen consumption

    Fuel processing technology, 2019, 185, pp. 68-78