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    Mishra S.

    Anhydrous scandium, yttrium, lanthanide and actinide halide complexes with neutral oxygen and nitrogen donor ligands

    Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2008, 252, pp. 1996-2025

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    Mishra S., Jeanneau E., Daniele S., Hubert-Pfalzgraf L.G.

    Rare example of a polynuclear heterometallic yttrium(III)-copper(I) iodide cluster with a Y-6(mu(6)-O)(mu(3)-OH)(8) (8+) core structure showing single crystal-to-single crystal transformation

    CrystEngComm, 2008, 10, pp. 814-816

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    Mishra S., Jeanneau E., Chermette H., Daniele S., Hubert-Pfalzgraf L.G.

    Crystal-to-crystal transformations in heterometallic yttrium(III)-copper(I) iodide derivatives in a confined solvent-free environment: Influence of solvated yttrium cations on the nuclearity and dimensionality of iodocuprate clusters

    Dalton Transactions, 2008, pp. 620-630

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    Mishra S., Jeanneau E., Daniele S., Ledoux G.

    Reactions of metal iodides as a simple route to heterometallics: synthesis, structural transformations, thermal and luminescent properties of novel hybrid iodoargentate derivatives templated by YL8 (3+) or YL7 (3+) cations (L = DMF or DMSO)

    Dalton Transactions, 2008, pp. 6296-6304

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    Klein J.-M., Henault M., Gelin P., Bultel Y., Georges S.

    A Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Operating in Gradual Internal Reforming Conditions under Pure Dry Methane

    Electrochemical and Solid State Letters, 2008, 11, pp. B144-B147

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    Sleiman M., Ferronato C., Chovelon J.M.

    Photocatalytic removal of pesticide dichlorvos from indoor air: A study of reaction parameters, intermediates and mineralization

    Environmental Science, 2008, 42, pp. 3018-3024

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    Mishra S., Jeanneau E., Daniele S., Ledoux G., Swamy P.N.

    Solid- and Solution Phase Transformations in Novel Hybrid Iodoplumbate Derivatives Templated by Solvated Yttrium Complexes

    Inorganic Chemistry, 2008, 47, pp. 9333-9343

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    Roche V., Siebert E., Steil M., Deloume J., Roux C., Pagnier T., Revel R., Vernoux P.

    Electrochemical promotion of propane deep oxidation on doped lanthanum manganites

    Ionics, 2008, 14, pp. 235-241

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    Berezhetskyy A.L., Sosovska O.F., Durrieu C., Chovelon J.M., Dzyadevych S.V., Tran-Minh C.

    Alkaline phosphatase conductometric biosensor for heavy-metal ions determination

    Irbm, 2008, 29, pp. 136-140

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    Bui T.H., Felix C., Pigeot-Remy S., Herrmann J.M., Lejeune P., Guillard C.

    Photocatalytic inactivation of wild and hyper-adherent E. coli strains in presence of suspended or supported TiO2. Influence of the Isoelectric point of the particle size and of the adsorptive properties of titania

    Journal of Advanced Oxidation Technologies, 2008, 11, pp. 510-518

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    Berthoud R., Delichere P., Gajan D., Lukens W., Pelzer K., Basset J. M., Candy J. P., Coperet C.

    Hydrogen and oxygen adsorption stoichiometries on silica supported ruthenium nanoparticles.

    Journal of Catalysis, 2008, 260 (2), pp. 387-391

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    Debono N., Pinel C., Jahjah R., Alaaeddine A., Delichere P., Lefebvre F., Djakovitch L.

    Asymmetric reduction of ketones with ruthenium-oxazoline based catalysts.

    Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 2008, 287, pp. 142-150

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    Lair A., Ferronato C., Chovelon J.M., Herrrnann J.M.

    Naphthalene degradation in water by heterogeneous photocatalysis: An investigation of the influence of inorganic anions

    Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A - Chemistry, 2008, 193, pp. 193-203

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    Kudrik E.V., Afanasiev P., Bouchu D., Millet J.M.M., Sorokin A.B.

    Diiron N-bridged species bearing phthalocyanine ligand catalyzes oxidation of methane, propane and benzene under mild conditions

    Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines, 2008, 12, pp. 1078-1089

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    Ben Ali M., Bessueille F., Chovelon J.-M., Abdelghani A., Jaffrezic-Renault N., Maaref M., Martelet C.

    Use of ultra-thin organic silane films for the improvement of gold adhesion to the silicon dioxide wafers for (bio)sensor applications

    Materials Science and Engineering C, 2008, 28, pp. 628-632

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    Arsac F., Bianchi D., Chovelon J.M., Conchon P., Ferronato C., Lair A., Sleirnan M.

    Photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants in water and in air. An analytical approach

    Materials Science, 2008, 28, pp. 722-725

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    Salles F., Jobic H., Maurin G., Llewellyn P. L., Devic T., Serre C., Ferey G.

    Experimental evidence supported by simulations of hydrogen super-mobility in Metal Organic Framework Materials

    Physical Review Letters, 2008, 100, p. 245901

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    Grabchev I., Dumas S., Chovelon J.M.

    Studying the photophysical properties of a polymerizable 1,8-naphthalimide dye and its copolymer with styrene as potential fluorescent sensors for metal cations

    Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2008, 19, pp. 316-321

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    Joly J. P., Gaillard F., Descorme C., El Hachimi A., Besson M., Polyanskaya E., Pestunova O.

    Study of activated carbon oxygen groups by a new fast intermittent TPD technique

    Proceedings of World Conference on Carbon, Nagano 2008, 2008, CDRom, p. P0458, p.99

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    Thomas J.-P., Bejjani A., Nsouli B., Gardon A., Chovelon J.-M.

    Investigation of norflurazon pesticide photodegradation using plasma desorption time-of-flight mass spectrometry analysis

    Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2008, 22, pp. 2429-2435

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    Lintanf A., Djurado E., Vernoux P.

    Pt/YSZ electrochemical catalysts prepared by electrostatic spray deposition for selective catalytic reduction of NO by C3H6

    Solid State Ionics, 2008, 178, pp. 1998-2008

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    Boreave A., Tan H., Roche V., Vernoux P., Deloume J.P.

    Oxygen mobility in lanthanum nickelate catalysts for deep oxidation of propane

    Solid State Ionics, 2008, 179, pp. 1071-1075

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    Grabchev I., Dumas S., Chovelon J.M., Nedelcheva A.

    First generation poly(propyleneimine) dendrimers functionalised with 1,8-naphthalimide units as fluorescence sensors for metal cations and protons

    Tetrahedron, 2008, 64, pp. 2113-2119

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    Li N., Descorme C., Besson M.

    Catalytic wet air oxidation of aqueous solution of 2-chlorophenol over Ru/zirconia catalysts

    Applied Catalysis B - Environmental, 2007, 71, pp. 262-270

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    Pham Minh D., Gallezot P., Besson M.

    Treatment of olive oil mill wastewater by catalytic wet air oxidation: 3. Stability of supported ruthenium catalysts during oxidation of model pollutant p-hydroxybenzoic acid in batch and continuous reactors

    Applied Catalysis B - Environmental, 2007, 75, pp. 71-77