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    Veillette M., Giroir-Fendler A., Faucheux N., Heitz M.

    Esterification of free fatty acids with methanol to biodiesel using heterogeneous catalysts: from model acid oil to microalgae lipids

    Chemical Engineering Journal, 2017, 308, pp. 101-109

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    Zhou L., Ferronato C., Chovelon J. M., Sleiman M., Richard C.

    Investigations of diatrizoate degradation by photo-activated persulfate

    Chemical Engineering Journal, 2017, 311, pp. 28-36

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    Wang C., Zhang C., Hua W. C., Guo Y., Lu G. Z., Gil S., Giroir-Fendler A.

    Catalytic oxidation of vinyl chloride emissions over Co-Ce composite oxide catalysts

    Chemical Engineering Journal, 2017, 315, pp. 392-402

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    Borges D. D., Semino R., Devautour-Vinott S., Jobic H., Paesani F., Maurin G.

    Computational Exploration of the Water Concentration Dependence of the Proton Transport in the Porous UiO-66(Zr)-(CO2H)(2) Metal-Organic Framework

    Chemistry of Materials, 2017, 29, pp. 1569-1576

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    Shah S., Tiwari N., Kumar Y., Jha S. N., Auroux A., Pandey J. K., Chowdhury B.

    Sneha Jha, Nidhi Tiwari, Yogesh Kumar, Aline Auroux, Jai K. Pandey, et al.. Highly Acidic, Thermal Stable NbPO 4 @Fullerene Catalyst for Dehydration of Cyclohexanol.

    ChemistrySelect, 2017, 2, pp. 5640-5645

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    Pillai R., Jobic H., Koza M., Nouar F., Serre C., Maurin G., Ramsahye N.

    Diffusion of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen in the Small-Pore Titanium Bis(phosphonate) Metal-Organic Framework MIL-91 (Ti): A Combination of Quasielastic Neutron Scattering Measurements and Molecular Dynamics Simulations

    Chemphyschem, 2017, 18, pp. 2739-2746

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    Canivet J, Lysenko V, Lehtinen J, Legrand A, Wisser F, Quadrelli E, Farrusseng D

    Sensitive Photoacoustic IR Spectroscopy for the Characterization of Amino/Azido Mixed-Linker Metal-Organic Frameworks

    Chemphyschem, 2017, 18, pp. 2855-2858

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    Lilic A., Bennici S., Devaux J. F., Dubois J. L., Auroux A.

    Influence of Catalyst Acid/Base Properties in Acrolein Production by Oxidative Coupling of Ethanol and Methanol

    ChemSusChem, 2017, 10, pp. 1916-1930

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    Demolis A., Eternot M., Essayem N., Rataboul F.

    New Insights into the Reactivity of Biomass with Butenes for the Synthesis of Butyl Levulinates

    ChemSusChem, 2017, 10, pp. 2612-2617

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    Lilic A, Wei T, Bennici S, Devaux J, Dubois J, Auroux A

    A Comparative Study of Basic, Amphoteric, and Acidic Catalysts in the Oxidative Coupling of Methanol and Ethanol for Acrolein Production

    Chemsuschem, 2017, 10, pp. 3459-3472

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    Marepally B, Ampelli C, Genovese C, Saboo T, Perathoner S, Wisser F, Veyre L, Canivet J, Quadrelli E, Centi G

    Enhanced formation of > C1 Products in Electroreduction of CO2 by Adding a CO2 Adsorption Component to a Gas-Diffusion Layer-Type Catalytic Electrode

    Chemsuschem, 2017, 10, pp. 4442-4446

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    Demiroglu I., Li Z. Y., Piccolo L., Johnston R. L.

    A DFT study of molecular adsorption on titania-supported AuRh nanoalloys

    Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, 2017, 1107, pp. 142-151

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    Robin J., Audebrand N., Poriel C., Canivet J., Calvez G., Roisnel T., Dorcet V., Roussel P.

    A series of chiral metal-organic frameworks based on fluorene di- and tetra-carboxylates: syntheses, crystal structures and luminescence properties

    Crystengcomm, 2017, 19, pp. 2042-2056

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    Dhainaut J., Avci-Camur C., Troyano J., Legrand A., Canivet J., Imaz I., Maspoch D., Reinsch H., Farrusseng D.

    Systematic study of the impact of MOF densification into tablets on textural and mechanical properties

    CrystEngComm, 2017, 19, pp. 4211-4218

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    Soussi K, Mishra S, Jeanneau E, Millet J, Daniele S

    Asymmetrically substituted triazenes as poor electron donor ligands in the precursor chemistry of iron(II) for iron-based metallic and intermetallic nanocrystals

    Dalton transactions, 2017, 46, pp. 13055-13064

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    Kroitor A, Cailler L, Martynov A, Gorbunova Y, Tsivadze A, Sorokin A

    Unexpected formation of a mu-carbido diruthenium(IV) complex during the metalation of phthalocyanine with Ru-3(CO)(12) and its catalytic activity in carbene transfer reactions

    Dalton transactions, 2017, 46, pp. 15651-15655

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    Abeykoon B., Greneche J. M., Jeanneau E., Chernyshov D., Goutaudier C., Demessence A., Devic T., Fateeva A.

    Tuning the iron redox state inside a microporous porphyrinic metal organic framework

    Dalton Transactions, 2017, 46, pp. 517-523

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    Borah S., Bhattacharyya B., Deka J., Borah A., Devi A., Deka D., Mishra S., Raidongia K., Gogoi N.

    Enhanced catalytic activity and near room temperature gas sensing properties of SnO2 nanoclusters@mesoporous Sn(IV) organophosphonate composite

    Dalton Transactions, 2017, 46, pp. 8664-8672

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    Hajar Y, Di palma V, Kyriakou V, Verheijen M, Baranova E, Vernoux P, Kessels W, Creatore M, Van de sanden M, Tsampas M

    Atomic layer deposition of highly dispersed Pt nanoparticles on a high surface area electrode backbone for electrochemical promotion of catalysis

    Electrochemistry communications, 2017, 84, pp. 40-44

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    Zhou L., Sleiman M., Ferronato C., Chovelon J.-M., Richard C.

    Reactivity of sulfate radicals with natural organic matters.

    Environmental Chemistry Letters, 2017, 15, pp. 733-737

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    Bossa N., Chaurand P., Levard C., Borschneck D., Miche H., Vicente J., Geantet C., Aguerre-Chariol O., F. Michel M., Rose J.

    Environmental exposure to TiO2 nanomaterials incorporated in building material

    Environmental Pollution, 2017, 220, Part B, pp. 1160 - 1170

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    Zhang Y, Yang W, Huang Z, Liu D, Simpson I, Blake D, George C, Wang X

    Leakage Rates of Refrigerants CFC-12, HCFC-22, and HFC-134a from Operating Mobile Air Conditioning Systems in Guangzhou, China: Tests inside a Busy Urban Tunnel under Hot and Humid Weather Conditions

    Environmental science & technology letters, 2017, 4, pp. 481-486

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    Burkholder J. B., Abbate J. P. D., Barnes I., Roberts J. M., Melamed M. L., Ammann M., Bertram A. K., Cappa C. D., Carlton A. G., Carpenter L. J., Crowley J. N., Dubowski Y., George C., Heard D. E., Herrmann H., Keutsch F. N., Kroll J. H., McNeill V. F., Nga L. N., Nizkorodov S. A, Orlando J. J., Percival C. J., Picquet-Varrault B., Rudich Y., Seakins P. W., Surratt J. D., Tanimoto H., Thornton J. A., Tong, Z., Tyndall G. S, Wahner A., Weschler C. J., Wilson K. R., Ziemann P. J.

    The Essential Role for Laboratory Studies in Atmospheric Chemistry

    Environmental Science & Technology, 2017, 51 (5), pp. 2519-2528

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    Zhou L., Zhang Y., Ying R. R., Wang G. Q., Long T., Li J. H., Lin Y.

    Thermoactivated persulfate oxidation of pesticide chlorpyrifos in aquatic system: kinetic and mechanistic investigations

    Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2017, 24, pp. 11549-11558

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    Larios A. D., Brar S. K., Ramirez A. A., Godbout S., Sandoval-Salas F., Palacios J. H., Dube P., Delgado B., Giroir-Fendler A.

    Parameters determining the use of zeolite 5A as collector medium in passive flux samplers to estimate N2O emissions from livestock sources

    Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2017, 24, pp. 12136-12143