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Cecile Daniel

Personnel technique et administratif

Numéro ORCID : 0000-0003-4560-9242

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Mots clés

Adsorption, high throughput, CO2, porous material, volumetry, zlc, breakthrough, catalytic measurements, reactors


2017: PhD in Chemistry, University of lyon (France)

1998: Master degree in Chemical Engineering, University of Pau

1998 : Engineering degree, Ecole Nationale Supérieure en Génie des Technologies Industrielles, University of Pau, France


I joint CNRS in 2000 at Design  Engineer in Instrumentation, in order to develop new catalytic measurements setups.  I dimensioned catalytic units and designed P&ID, including gas flow, instruments, reactors and analysis choices.

In 2011 I reached the position of Research Engineer in Analytical Chemistry. Simultaneously I started a PhD supported by a European project. My research work focused on focuses on direct synthesis of Dimethyl Carbonate [DMC] starting from methanol and CO2 using a triphasic stirred reactor in liquid phase.Along the same time, I developed and managed an analytic platform of  volumetric adsorption instruments.


I defended my PhD in 2017 (Synthèse du carbonate de diméthyle par carboxylation du méthanol catalysée par des oxydes mixtes de cérium et de zirconium : relation structure–activité, étude mécanistique et cinétique).


Since 2017, my research and developments task focuses on adsorption techniques  including both dynamic and static setups as Zero Length Column, Volumetric instruments customized for vapors, breakthough instruments designed for specific applications including parallel screening of adsorbents.


APPLICATIONS (since 2017)

-Heat pumps (H2O)

-Shaping of porous material

-Transport  and diffusion in microporous material

-Capture and separation, purification


-Adsorption tools (designing, performing, and interpreting) by isotherms, breakthrough and ZLC

-Characterization of porous materials

-Design of catalytic testing unit both in liquid and gas phase for activity measurements

-On-line analysis of gases applied to catalysis: Infrared, GC, mass spectrometry

-High throughput experimentation (HTS) on Flowrence unit by Avantium