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Frederic Meunier


Numéro ORCID : 0000-0001-7953-2883

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Mots clés

Heterogeneous catalysis, surface science, operando FT-IR spectroscopy, syngas chemistry, H2 production

2009  Award recipient of the Catalytic Division of the French Chemical Society

2008  Degree : Habilitation à diriger des recherches, University of Caen (F)

2002 Degree : Post-Graduate Certificate in Higher Education and Teaching, Queen’s University, Belfast (UK)

2001-07: Senior Lecturer, Queen’s University Belfast (UK)

2000-01: Alexander von Humboldt grant holder, Munich (D).

1999-00: Post-doctoral assistant, University of Twente (NL).

1996-99: Post-doctoral assistant, University of Limerick (IRL)

1995 Degree: European PhD in Physical Chemistry, Universities of Strasbourg (F) and Limerick (IRL).

1991 Degree: Masters in Materials Science, University of Strasbourg (F)

1986 Degree: Baccalaureat C (Sciences), Strasbourg (F)

Dr F.C. Meunier is a CNRS researcher based at IRCELYON. He received a joined PhD in Physical-Chemistry from the University of Strasbourg (France) and Limerick (Irlande) in 1995. His main interests regard the investigation of the mechanisms of heterogeneous catalytic reactions, in particular by using in situ and operando FTIR spectroscopy, themes that were initiated with Prof Julian Ross during his post-doctoral stay in Limerick from 1996 until 1999. He carried out a von Humboldt fellowship in Munich with Prof Johannes Lercher from 1999-2000, where he studied acid-base catalysis and diffusion in zeolites. He was previously senior lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast (United Kingdom) over 2000-2007, period during which he researched in the CenTACat group led by Prof Robbie Burch on hydrogen production and environmental catalysis.

He has supervised 16 PhD theses. Dr Meunier has published more than 100 papers in the field of heterogeneous catalysis and spectroscopy applied to catalysis (H-factor: 35). He has two worldwide patents. He is a member of the editorial board ofCatalysis Today and Applied Catalysis B: environmental. He was awarded the 2009 prize of the Catalysis Division of the French Chemical Society.