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Philippe Vernoux


Numéro ORCID : 0000-0002-4312-2863

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Mots clés

Environmental catalysis, Automotive emission control, Solid State Electrochemistry, Electrochemical promotion of catalysis

  • Master in Physical-chemistry and Catalysis (University Lyon 1), 1995.

  • Ph.D. (Gradual Internal Reforming of Methane in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Advisor: Dr M. Kleitz) at Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Physical-Chemistry of Materials and Interfaces (LEPMI), National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, in 1998.

  • Post-doctoral fellow, Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Analytical Chemistry (LECA) of Paris, Dr. D. Lincot, 1999-2000.

  • Joined CNRS as Research Scientist in 2000.

  • Habilitation (HDR) (University Claude Bernard Lyon 1), Environmental Catalysis and Electrochemical Promotion of Catalysis, March 2006.

Research interests:

Ionically Conducting Ceramics as Active Catalyst Supports

Electrochemical Promotion of Catalysis

Environmental applications: NOx abatement, soot combustion, clean production of energy (hydrocarbons combustion) and volatile organic compounds elimination.

Catalysis in an electrochemical cell : Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, electrolyzers and electrochemical sensors.


Research management activities

2006-2011 Scientific consulting for SAINT-GOBAIN CREE (Centre de Recherches et d’Etudes Européen)

2006-2009    Coordinator of the European Marie-Curie project EFEPOC (European Forum on Electrochemical Promotion of Catalysis, 4 partners)

2007-2010    Coordinator of the French national project PIREP (Innovating Process for the Reduction of Particulate Emissions, 7 parterns)

2010-2014    Coordinator of the French national project PIREP2 (Innovating Process for the Reduction of Particulate Emissions 2, 6 partners)

2016-2019 Coordinator of the French National project EPOX (Electrochemical Promotion of Ethylene EPOxidation, 4 partners)

Since 2013 Editor of Frontiers in Chemistry ( )

2007-2014 Co-head of the research group “Air cleaning, Gas treatment, Atmospheric chemistry” or IRCELYON (12 permanent staff, 28 non-permanent)

Since 2017  Head of the research group: “Catalytic and Atmospheric Reactivity for the Environment” of IRCELYON (15 permanent staff, 25 non-permanent)



1996-1998 Technological University of Grenoble (University Joseph Fourier)

Classes (60 h /y) in chemistry

Practical courses (30 h/y): analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, kinetic.

Since 2004 Master in Catalysis (University of Lyon) 

Classes (6 h/y) in electrocatalysis

Since 2004: Classes (2-10 h/y) in Catalysis and Electrocatalysis during national and international training schools.