The NMR facilities at IRCELYON includes 2 spectrometers: one dedicated to characterization of solids and non-soluble materials by solid state NMR, and the second one adapted for high resolution analysis of liquid samples.
NMR spectroscopy is a key analytical technique for structure elucidation of a wide range of materials from small molecules to macromolecule compounds. The technique provides detailed molecular information that allows researchers have in-depth understanding of composition, chemical structure, morphology, and dynamics.
Solid state NMR provides information of local order, crystallinity, crystallographic sites, and connectivity or molecular dynamic. Solid state NMR at ircelyon is more specifically dedicated to catalysts, inorganic or porous materials characterization. Projects come from a wide variety of fields including biomass, catalysts, polymer or MOF materials, organometallics, and inorganics.
The NMR facilities is part of the platform for Catalytic Materials Characterization from IRCELYON. Equipments are open to academic as well as industrial researcher in form of collaborations and service agreements.


High Resolution NMR spectrometer (Liquid-state)


Equipment Capabilities

Magnet: ASCEND 400 (9.4 Tesla)

Probe :

  • 5mm BBFO with z-axis gradient and autotune

Temperature range : -50°C to 100°C.

(Low temperature Unit : BCU Xtrem)

Autosampler : 16 positions

Control and software: Bruker Topspin 3.2 + IconNMR


Characterizations :

  • Multinuclear 1D charactérization: 1H, 13C, 31P, 19F, 119Sn, 195Pt, 51V, 27Al, 29Si, …
  • 2D structural elucidation : HSQC, HMBC, COSY, …
  • Dynamic  processes 2D correlations :   self-diffusion, reaction kinetics studies, chemical exchanges ) : DOSY, EXSY, …

Applications :

  • Molecular charactérization of organic compounds , organic précursors, organométallic complexes ,…
  • Compound structure determination
  • Chemical composition analysis of  complex matrixes : biomass résidues,  lignine fraction, petroleum feed,…
  • soluble polymers or monomers analysis
Access :
– Access is restricted to approved users only
– For external users  : please contact  the  nmr manager

Solid-State NMR spectrometer

Equipment Capabilities
BRUKER AVANCE III – 3 channel – spectrometer

Magnet : Ultrashield 500WB (11.7 Tesla)


  • CPMAS 4mm double : H/X (12KHz max)
  • CPMAS 4mm triple : H/X/Y (14KHz max)
  • CPMAS 2.5mm double H-F/X (up to 35KHz)
  • CPMAS 1.3mm double H/X (up to 60KHz)


Temperature range : from -50°C to 100°C.
(Low temperature Unit  : BCU Xtrem)
Control and software : Bruker Topspin 3.2

Characterizations :

1D multinuclear chacterization :
1H, 13C, 31P, 19F, 119Sn, 195Pt, 51V, 27Al, 29Si,…

MAS technic (magic angle spinning), CPMAS (cross polarization 1H-> X)

Bidimentional correlations for structural  elucidation : MQMAS, HETCOR,…

Applications :

Characterization of solid organic molecules
Catalysts, zeolithes, glasses, catalyst supports , silica, porous solids,…

Complex matrixes : biomass residues, lignins, cellulosic materials, fractions, heavy petroleum feeds,..
Non soluble Polymers

Access :
– Characterzations and analysis are only done by NMR staff, please contact the NMR manager for analysis request





  •  Solid state NMR : Fast spinning NMR characterization on MOF sample



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