Sustainable Chemistry: from fundamental to applications

The team C Durable brings complementary expertise in various fields of catalysis (metallic, acido-basic, organometallic), and in nanomaterial engineering.
The driving line of the research activities is the conception of materials for controlled properties for catalysis and optical applications.
Concerning catalysis, the main topic is to explore new transformations of bioresources; and low reactive substrates.
Concerning optical applications, the main objective is to design new materials of original properties for example in the fields of luminescence and photocatalysis.

Research areas

  1. Multi-functional nanomaterials

Molecular precursors, coordination polymers and nanomaterials with photophysical or catalytic properties: elaboration through molecular approach for optic and catalysis:

– 1D and 2D coordination polymers based on thiolates and group XI metals (Cu, Ag, Au) with original photophysical properties like thermoluminochrosim.

– Up-conversion for photocatalysis using TiO2 modified with metal fluorides able to enlarge the usable solar spectral range.

  1. Catalysis for a sustainable chemistry

Organometallic and/or bioinspired catalysis for the activation of recalcitrant molecules:

– Schiff base based catalysts for CO2 valorization into carbonates

– phthalocyanine and porphyrine based catalysts for C-H and C-F oxidation and carbene insertion reactions

– C-C bond (couplings) and C-O,N bond formation (telomerization) using (supported) Pd catalysts in sustainable conditions

  1. Catalysis for a biosourced chemistry

Design of catalysts stable in polar media for transformation of bioresources of various complexity for specialty chemicals or new biomaterials, in liquid or supercritical media:

– carbohydrates (glucose, fructose, glycerol) and polysaccharides (cellulose, hemicellulose, chitosan) transformation

– lignin depolymerization under oxidant or reductant conditions

– selective wood deconstruction and transformation

– biosourced organic acids (levulinic, succinic acids) hydrogenation or amination

– biosourced alcohols oxidation

Research projects

ANR CatReMo 2019-2023

Transformation of lignocellulosic biomass into glycols and their amino derivatives.

ANR HYPERCAT 2018-2022

Hyperactive catalytic species in the liquid phase from nanoparticles or immobilized molecular species.

ANR PHOTHER 2018-2021

Hydrothermal transformation of cellulosic substrates assisted by photocatalysis.

ANR NITAMIN (JCJC) 2017-2021 Development of supported nitride catalysts for hydrogenation and reductive amination of biosourced carboxylic acids.

ANR OxCYCaT-CO2 2017-2021

Sustainable catalytic process for the one-pot formation of cyclic carbonates through alkene oxidation and cycloaddition of CO2.

ANR NANOTRAP 2017-2021

New integrated concept for lignin conversion to chemicals using confined Palladium nanoparticles.

ANR UPHocat 2017-2021

Upconverting photon harvester for photocatalysis.

ANR NHYSCAB 2016-2020

Non-hydrolytic sol-gel synthesis of stable catalysts for aqueous-phase hydrogenation of biomass derivatives.

ANR BICCCAT 2016-2020

Binuclear Iron complexes for challenging catalytic reactions.

ANR MEMOL 2016-2020

Molecular memory with phase change coordination polymers for future PCRAM.

ANR PHENOLIQ 2016-2020

Production of phenolic compounds by lignin liquefaction.

ANR TANAPOL 2015-2020

Tailored nanoparticles for the selective catalytic oxidation of poly-alcohols.

Experimental and instrumental capabilities

acid and basic solid catalyst preparation

– acid and basic sites determination

– supported (bi)metallic catalysts preparation

– catalysis in batch and fixed-bed reactors

– nanoparticle synthesis

– sol-gel synthesis


  • Researchers

    • Lorraine Christ
    • Aude Demessence
    • Laurent Djakovitch
    • Nadine Essayem
    • Adel Mesbah
    • Shashank Mishra
    • Noemie Perret
    • Catherine Pinel
    • Franck Rataboul
    • Alexander Sorokin
  • Technical and administrative staff

    • Thibaut Cornier
    • Marion Eternot
    • Stephane Mangematin
  • Postdoctoral fellows

    • Aleksandra Lilic
    • Aline Mesnier
    • Bhagyesh Purohit
  • PhD students

    • Roua Ben Salem
    • Firat Goc
    • Saly Hawila
    • Awalah Alain Komenan
    • Samira Zaher
  • Interns

    • Faicel Belgacem
    • Yacine Boudjema
    • Virgile Champion
    • Nicolas Chaussard
    • Christopher Habu
    • Gregoire Nebois
    • Jean-Luc Rukemampunzi


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