Intership/Jobs offers

Job offers

Masters / engineering school positions

PhD positions

Doctoral Thesis “Sulfide- based catalysts for Higher Alcohols Synthesis”_052023

PhD position (M/F) on electrolysis of biomass for the production of green hydrogen_042023

PhD Thesis in Heterogeneous Catalysis : Valorization of Lignin to SAF (M/F)_042023

PhD student in Catalytic Process Engineering (M/F)_042023

Thèse en chimie des précurseurs moléculaires (M/F)_032023

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Lyon University (M/F)_032023

Non-noble metal supported catalyst for the selective oxidation of HMF_032023

Thesis in catalysis

Post-doct positions

Postdoctoral fellow in heterogeneous catalysis_042023

Post-doc on catalytic dehydrogenation of organic molecules (LOHC), M/F_042023

Post-doctorat (H/F) 24 mois : étude des émissions de COV et d’aérosols liées au transport en condition réelle de conduite_032023

Postdoctorat (H/F) : les oxy-chalcogénures métallique pour la photcatalyse_032023