Energies, Fuels and Chemicals for Sustainability

The ECI2D team is dedicated to heterogeneous catalysis for energy transition.

Research areas

  • Heterogeneous catalysis for C1 conversion
  • Power-to-chemicals
  • Hydroconversion of bio and fossil resources

Research projects

Financed academic projects

European project DAFIA (partner) 2017-2020

Binational PICS CNRS project with PUC Chile (coordinator) 2019-2022
Core-shell nanocatalysts for biomass derivative conversion

Binational PICS CNRS UltraCO2 with Uni. Birmingham (coordinator) 2019-2022
Ultradispersed catalysts for CO2 valorisation

Binational ANR-PRCI project DYCAT (participant) 2020-2022
Dynamic catalysts for the production of clean energyNational ANR-PRC project UltraCat (coordinator) 2018-2022

National ANR-PRC project INCH (coordinator) 2018-2021

National ANR-PRCE project RafBioAlg (coordinator) 2018-2022

National ANR-PRCE project ALGOROUTE (partner) 2016-2020

Regional IDEX Lyon project IPPON (partner) 2018-2022

Regional project Elo PussHy (partner) 2017-2020
Electrocatalysis for hydrogen purification-compression

Regional project MIAMI (partner) 2018-2021
Development of an eco-efficient process for methionin synthesis

Local UdL – ED Chimie thesis (coordinator) project 2019-2022
Metal-ceria catalyst dynamics for water-gas shift

Local ICL MXCat project (coordinator) 2019-2020
MXenes as catalyst supports for CO2 reduction


Main academic collaborations


  • INTE Barcelona (Spain)
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany)
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago (Chile)
  • Uni. Birmingham (UK)



Main industrial partners

Adisseo, Arkema, Brochier Technologies, Elkem Silicones, Eurecat, IFPEN, Total


Research networks

IRN Nanoalloys (board member) 2018-2022

GDR ThermoBio (coordinator) 2018-2022

GFSV (board member) since 2012


  • Researchers

    • Pavel Afanasiev
    • Christophe Geantet
    • Dorothee Laurenti
    • Stephane Loridant
    • Jean-Marc Millet
    • Laurent Piccolo
    • Eric Puzenat
  • Technical and administrative staff

    • Luis Cardenas
    • Ruben Checa
    • Chantal Lorentz
    • Bastien Lunardelli
  • Students and nonpermanent staff

    • Postdoctoral fellows

      • Soundarrajan Chandrasekaran
      • Davide Lorito
      • Mathieu Prevot
    • PhD students

      • Eugenie Blaser
      • Alissa Bouzeggane
      • Jean Caillon
      • Christophe Coudercy
      • Thi Minh Nha Le
      • Aleksandra Lelevic
      • Thomas Len
      • Bruno Magalhaes
      • Clement Molinet
      • Hector Daniel Oliva Munoz
      • Santiago Palencia Ruiz
      • Felix Taulou
    • Interns

      • Mohamed Aabdelaal
      • Carla De Sousa
      • Maxime Ducreux
      • Akerke Kanatkyzy
      • Hatem Wassim Mouffok
      • Camille Robin
      • Djibril Sall


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