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The instrumentation service of IRCELYON gathers people in the instrumentation field of the institute: mechanics, electronics and project management. We have a mechanical workshop allowing design with CAD (Computer Assisted Design) software Solidworks, machining (shear, folding machine, column drilling machines, lathes, milling machines) and different welding technics (arc welding, spot welding and TIG welding). Our service is also equipped with an electronic lab allowing electronic cards design and integration in instruments. Control of instruments and data acquisition can also be developed for each experimental setup. A project manager can coordinate the actions in the service and convert the scientific needs in technical specification.

A few examples of instrumentation service developments:

  1. Design and construction of chemical ionization sources for an Orbitrap mass spectrometer

    Mass resolution improvement obtained through these developments: in red the results of our developments, in orange the results obtained with commercial instruments:

  2. Rack for experiments

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