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Dorothee Laurenti


Orcid number: 0000-0001-6645-6789

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Heterogeneous catalysis, Hydrotreating, Hydrodesulfurization, Hydrodeoxygenation, Transition metal sulfide catalysts, Biomass, Lignin, Micro-algae, bio-oils, GCxGC.

PhD in Organic synthesis (Dec. 1999)

"Synthesis of tetrapodal phosphine ligands for Pd catalysis"

Laboratory of organic synthesis, Pr. Maurice Santelli, Aix-Marseille University, France.

- Postdoctoral position in York University (UK) with Pr. James Clark (Green Chemistry Group, 2000-2001)

- Postdoctoral position in LCOMS laboratory, CPE Lyon, France (2001-2002).

- CNRS resaercher at IRCELYON, France, since october 2002.

Main topics are:

- Catalytic hydrodesulfurization (HDS) of fossil fuels with supported metal sulfide catalysts; support effect; Co, Ni promotion effect

- Catalytic alkylation of thiophenic coumpounds with olefins (gasoline desulfurization)

- Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) of guaiacol as model molecule for lignin, bio-oils with supported metal sulfide catalysts: support effect, comparison sulfides, metals, metal oxydes, nitrides, carbides....

- Catalytic conversion of pyrolytic vapors of wood with acid catalysts (ANR CATAPULT)

- Catalytic hydroconversion of lignin to aromatics (ANR LIGNAROCAT)

- Hydrothermal liquefaction of micro-algae to bitumens or additives (ANR (ALGOROUTE)

- Heterogeneous catalysts preparation

- Heterogeneous catalysts characterization (TPR, XPS, TEM...)

- Catalytic testing in continuous flow under high pressure or at atmospheric pressure

- Complex feed characterization (GCxGC, NMR, GPC...)

- Quantification of products in complex liquids resulting from biomass conversion